"This town is our turf— the turf of the world-famous Killer Bees! Don't mess with us!"

The Killer Bees is a group from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. A group of arrogant children who live on Windfall Island, they are led by the confident Ivan. The quick-witted Jin, also known as "the fox", is the second-in-command and Ivan's adviser. The primary muscle of the group is Jan, also known as "the blue-hair". Jun-Roberto, also known as "the pig-nosed", has no particular role in the gang, but has secret plans to overthrow Ivan as leader someday. The Killer Bees play a role in one of the side quests Link can complete in the game.


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When Link arrives on Windfall Island, the Killer Bees display an utter lack of discipline, following Link around while taunting him and making bothersome and impudent remarks. After speaking to Mrs. Marie, the Killer Bees' teacher, and getting the Picto Box, Link talks some sense into them and performs a game of Hide-and-Seek to fully earn their respect. Link finds the four children in various hidden places on the island, earning him the respect of the gang as well as the title of "Honorary Killer Bee". Subsequently, the gang displays a profound admiration for Link and a newfound attitude towards people.

Later, the Killer Bees asks that Link apologize to Mrs. Marie on their behalf. As it is Mrs. Marie's birthday, the gang mention that their teacher is fond of jewelry and would love getting a Joy Pendant as a present. The Killer Bees assure Link they have no idea what a Joy Pendant looks like, but mention that they saw something shining at the top of a tree. Link finds the tree, and indeed, manages to get the pendant. The Killer Bees later admit that they hid it because they were too embarrassed to do it themselves. Link gives the Joy Pendant to Mrs. Marie, who is so overjoyed that she gifts Link with a Red Rupee. She then asks Link to thank the Killer Bees.

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