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The Kid Toadstool is an item from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. One of the thirty Rupee Goods in the game, the Kid Toadstool is found in Gooey Swamp. To obtain it, Tingle must dig it up from an underground cavern in the area.

The description of the Kid Toadstool states that he "Came to the city to seek his fortune, but sadly success has always eluded this young toadstool...". This description combined with the physical appearance of the item, implies that he is indeed a living creature and not an inanimate object. Another possibility is that Kid Toadstool is a doll or other figure based on a fictional (in-universe) character, and the description is the characters fictional back-story. If this is true it would explain why it doesn't move

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