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Main appearance(s)
Kass (father)[2]
Amali (mother)[3]
Notts (eldest-sister)[4]
Kotts (second-eldest sister)[4]
Genli (third-eldest sister)[4]
Cree (fourth-eldest sister)[4]

Kheel is a character in Breath of the Wild.[5]


Kheel is a Rito who lives in Rito Village. Before Divine Beast Vah Medoh is appeased, she can be found near the Akh Va'quot Shrine on a platform with her mother Amali. Kheel wants to go to Warbler's Nest with her sisters but is not allowed to because of the Divine Beast's rampage.[6] She is rebuked by her mother after calling Divine Beast Vah Medoh a big jerk.[7][8]

Once Medoh has been appeased, Amali is unable to find Kheel.[9] Amali suspects that she could have gone to Warbler's Nest to practice her singing, which begins the"Find Kheel" Side Quest.[10] When Link finds Kheel, she is upset that her sisters did not come to Warbler's Nest to rehearse their song that they will be performing for the Elder there.[11] Kheel asks Link to tell her sisters in Rito Village to stop ditching rehearsal, believing that they will listen to a scary looking Hylian instead of her.[12] She warns that Genli might be a tough sell since she is probably in the kitchen yelling for Salmon Meunière or something similar.[13] This starts the Shrine Quest, "Recital at Warbler's Nest".

Once Link has found all of the sisters and met with Kheel, she thanks Link for his help and asks if he wants to know what song they are singing.[14] The elder had told her that it is a song passed down in Rito Village that was once sung at Warbler's Nest in ancient times.[15] In case Link did not know, Kheel explains that Warbler's Nest is the big stone platform with the pillars behind them.[16] The lyrics to the song do not make sense to her, but the line, "When wind convinces the rocks to sing, open the monk's door will swing," appeals to her.[17] Kheel questions Link about what he thinks it means and what a Monk is.[18] If Link does not already have one, Kheel will give him a Korok Leaf for helping her and will start to perform her song alongside her siblings.[19][20] Kheel suggests swinging the Korok Leaf in the directioin of the Warbler's Nest since it makes a fun noise.[21] The order of the notes in Kheel and her sisters' song correspond to the rocks surrounding the Ancient Shrine pedestal and act as a clue to the puzzle. When the Voo Lota Shrine rises from the ground, Kheel turns and shouts for her sisters to look.[22] Kheel's sister Notts says they should tell their mother about the phenomenon.[23] Kheel agrees and bids Link goodbye.[24] She counts her siblings off and they take to the sky.[25]

During the day as Kheel and her sisters head to the Village Shrine to sing, Kheel invites Link to come listen to them.[26] When Kheel's father Kass returns to Rito Village, she and her sisters sing along with his accordian.[27] Kheel is happy that "Poppy" is back and they are all going to sing together.[2]


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