Key Masters are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Giant hands, they are similar in appearance to Wallmasters. However, unlike Wallmasters, who return Link to the beginning of a dungeon if he is caught by one, Key Masters focus on retrieving a Boss Key and returning it to where it was located originally, if Link has picked one up. They attack Link by flicking him so that he drops the Key and they can retrieve it before he gets up. Link must dodge or defeat the Key Masters and put the key in the boss room lock in order to make them stop appearing. There is also a certain path in the Forest Temple that Link must follow if he does not wish to run into any Key Masters. In the Ocean Temple, their numbers vary from one to five.

Inside the Tower of Spirits, Princess Zelda must carry electrified Boss Keys by possessing Phantoms, causing Key Masters to appear. Key Masters can be defeated with any weapon, but will re-spawn shortly afterward. It is better to damage them with projectiles if possible, or the Whip. Attacking with a sword is dangerous because Key Masters can strike Link down if he stands too close, leaving the Boss Key open for seizing. These enemies are very similar in trait to Zant's Hands from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

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