Key Cavern is the third dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. It is so named for the shapes of its two floors, which resemble a Nightmare Key and a Small Key, and for the abundance of keys found in the dungeon. In fact, it is possible to clear the dungeon with one Small Key remaining, a rare occurrence in the Legend of Zelda series. Were the dungeon not designed this way, Link could become permanently unable to progress were he to unlock the doors in the wrong order. Thus each locked door has a key hidden in the area it bars, so that Link is always able to access at least one key and progress though the dungeon.



Key Cavern is found in Ukuku Prairie on Koholint Island. To enter it, Link must first acquire the Slime Key from Richard's Villa, where it is hidden beneath an Owl Statue. Richard will not let Link collect the key, however, unless Link collects for him the five Golden Leaves which Richard left in Kanalet Castle. Once Link has given Richard the leaves and received the key, he can enter Key Cavern, the first dungeon on the island which has more than one floor.






Key Cavern Map

Map of Key Cavern

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