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Keese are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[2][3][4][5][note 1]


Keese are bat-like creatures that inhabit dungeons and caves, similarly to their real-life counterparts. Following their debut in The Legend of Zelda, they have since become a staple of The Legend of Zelda series and have appeared in the majority of games with the exception of The Adventure of Link, where Keese are absent and are instead replaced by the similar Aches.

Keese often exist in clusters in the places where they are found. They fly around the screen erratically, not heading towards anything in particular, and stop to rest for a short amount of time on a neighboring wall or rock face. In some games, such as A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening, Keese move about the screen only when Link is within close proximity, otherwise they remain still. Later games, such as The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, introduce Keese with a slightly more active attack strategy, targeting Link, but pausing above him before striking, providing an opportunity for him to strike.

As small and commonplace creatures, Keese are relatively weak and can be dispatched with a variety of weaponry, including Swords, Boomerangs, Bombs, and Arrows.

Keese are known to inhabit various forms in adapting to their surrounding environment. Notable variants include Fire Keese and Ice Keese, which are enveloped in fiery and icy mist, respectively. Less common forms include Keese Swarms, Shadow Keese, Thunder Keese, and Dark Keese. Vires, when defeated, will also split into a pair of Keese, which may or may not be fought.[6]

The Legend of Zelda[]

The Legend of Zelda Manual Description
The Legend of Zelda logo
Vire & Keese
Vire is a devil that controls the Keeses. When Link cuts it with his sword, it turns into two Keeses. Keeses have little attacking power, but Vire is a little stronger.

Keese inhabit dungeons in The Legend of Zelda. They resemble blue bats, and commonly appear in small to medium-sized groups. Keese flutter through rooms in a random path, stopping only periodically to rest. They are also the only enemies that are encountered in the game's side-scrolling chambers, where they can be found resting against the walls before taking flight. Keese can be defeated by any weapon in Link's arsenal, including the Sword, Bow, and Candle As they are very small enemies, the Boomerang will also defeat them as opposed to stunning them. Vires will split into two red Keese when defeated. These Keese are fought in the same manner as the common variety. Keese never drop any items when defeated.

A Link to the Past[]

Keese ALttP

Keese inhabit caves and tunnels in the Light World of Hyrule in A Link to the Past. Unlike their previous incarnation, Keese remain still along cave walls and crevices, but take flight when Link draws close. Keese have a more direct flight pattern than previous appearances, soaring in a curving arc as opposed to random flight, before resting again on the next wall. They are also encountered less frequently in groups, though they can still occasionally be found huddled together. They are weak enemies and can be defeated by any means of attack. In the Game Boy Advance version of A Link to the Past, Keese also appear as enemies in the Palace of the Four Sword.

The Dark World counterparts of Keese are Chasupas, which behave identically but are significantly stronger.

Link's Awakening[]

Keese often appear in small groups in caves and dungeons in Link's Awakening. They remain still until [[Link][ approaches, whereupon they take to the air and fly in a curving arc before briefly stopping to rest. They are much smaller than past appearances, and their darker coloration provides camouflage against pits and makes them difficult to see. Despite this, Keese are still weak enemies and can be defeated by any attack.

Battle Bats are a similar enemy summoned by the Grim Creeper, and are also referred to as Keese.[8] When Vires are defeated, they will turn into a pair of Keese with skull faces, attempting to dive at Link before flying away.

Ocarina of Time[]

Navi's Comment
Navi says:

When you get close to it, use Z Targeting. Even if it flies away, you can still target it.

Keese are much more active than their previous appearances in Ocarina of Time; most fly around rooms without ever stopping to rest. They can occasionally be found huddled against walls, but take flight when disturbed. Keese are also much more aggressive, and will attempt to dive at Link whenever they spot him. Their attacks can be blocked by holding up the Shield. Keese can be defeated with any conventional weapon; however, due to the 3D environment and their high-altitude flight, Link may have to resort to using ranged weapons such as the Fairy Slingshot, Boomerang, Fairy Bow, or Hookshot to reach these enemies. Yet as many are constantly in flight, they can be difficult to aim at without targeting. Keese in Ocarina of Time do not inhabit caves, and are instead only encountered in dungeons, especially within dark corridors.

Ocarina of Time also introduces two variations: Fire Keese and Ice Keese. They are Keese that are enveloped in fiery and icy mist, respectively. Fire Keese will set Link on fire if they hit him and have their flames extinguished by blocking their attacks with the Shield. Ice Keese freeze Link and retain their flame when blocked by Link's shield.

Majora's Mask[]

Tatl's Comments
Majora's Mask 3D
Tatl says:

A Keese. Use L-Targeting when it gets close. Even if it flies off, I'll follow it for you.

show more...
Majora's Mask

What?! Don't you know about the Keese? Use Z Targeting when it gets close. Even if it flies off, I'll follow it for you.

In Majora's Mask, Keese return, along with Fire Keese and Ice Keese, all identically to their Ocarina of Time incarnations. They fly through the space they inhabit, and dive at Link whenever they spot him. Long-range weapons, such as the Boomerang, the Hero's Bow, and the Hookshot, are effective against them. They can only be found in a few areas, including Beneath the Well and the Stone Tower Temple.

Majora's Mask also introduces similar enemies called Bad Bats, which behave similarly to Keese, but are much larger in size.

Oracle of Seasons / Oracle of Ages[]

Keese in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages closely resemble their Link's Awakening incarnation, appearing as small, dark-colored bats. They inhabit caverns and dungeons in large groups. Keese are easily disturbed, and will fly sporadically around their space. Like those from Link's Awakening, their small size and dark coloration can make them difficult to see, especially over dark pits or against the walls of side-scrolling areas. They can be defeated by any means of attack.

Fire Keese also return, and extinguishing the flames of one turns it back into a Keese. However, they retain their original flight pattern and can fly through fire to turn back into Fire Keese.

Vires will turn into a pair of Keese with skull faces when it is defeated.

Four Swords[]

Keese appear as enemies in Four Swords. They behave similarly as in previous two-dimensional games of The Legend of Zelda series. One of the Links can defeat a Keese by attacking it with his Sword.

The Wind Waker[]

Keese & Fire Keese (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
TWW Keese & Fire Keese Figurine Model
Keese & Fire Keese
Habitat: Dragon Roost Cavern
Least Favorite Thing: Projectiles

These bats fly around dark places and attack anything that moves. Great care should be taken around Fire Keeses that appear during times of volcanic activity.
Tingle's Comment
Tingle says:

It's a Keese! Fighting them would be simple if you could attack them all at once!

Keese appear in caves and dungeons in The Wind Waker. They constantly fly around the areas they inhabit, and will fly over to Link when they notice him. Their attack strategy differs slightly from previous appearances, and they will pause just before striking Link. Any conventional weapons are effective against them, with long-ranged weapons, such as the Boomerang, the Hero's Bow, and the Hookshot, necessary to engage them from a distance.

Fire Keese also appear in The Wind Waker, and they can be turned into normal Keese by blowing out their flames with the Deku Leaf.

Four Swords Adventures[]

Keese in Four Swords Adventures are based on those from A Link to the Past. They initially sit still, but fly in a curving path as they are approached by the Link. They can be found inside caverns and dungeons. Unlike other appearances, Keese in Four Swords Adventures often appear alone or secluded from one another. They can be defeated with a single strike from the sword.

Four Swords Adventures also introduces a variant called a Keese Swarm, which surround the Links in a trail of copies, and can only be defeated by striking the red Keese of the Swarm.

The Minish Cap[]

Keese (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Keese Figurine Sprite
(North America): Appears in various areas.
These bats live in dungeons and caves.
Their movement is unpredictable, so use
ranged weapons from a safe distance.
(Europe): Appears in various areas.
These bats live in dungeons and caves.
Their movement is unpredictable, so use
range weapons from a safe distance.

Keese in The Minish Cap appear and behave similarly to those from Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. They are small enemies that are easily disturbed and flap about rooms in an unpredictable pattern, stopping only periodically to rest. Unlike other appearances, they have no way to camouflage themselves, and they inhabit caves and dungeons across Hyrule. Any conventional weapon can defeat them.

Twilight Princess[]

Keese in Twilight Princess more closely resemble real-world bats, but with ghastly features and tattered wings, as well as the addition of a curved hook on their tails. These enemies are constantly in flight as they patrol the space they occupy. Similarly to those of The Wind Waker, Keese fly at Link and pause before striking, giving him an opportunity to attack before they do. As small and lightweight enemies, any weapon in Link's arsenal is able to defeat them.

Fire Keese and Ice Keese both return. The Gale Boomerang can be used to extinguish their flames and icy mist, turning them back into normal Keese. Shadow Keese are a Twilight version appearing only in the Twilight Realm.

Phantom Hourglass[]

Keese return in Phantom Hourglass, alongside are common enemies that inhabit Caves and Dungeons. Closer to their 3D console appearances, they are constantly in flight and fly in circular, random motions, and often appear in small groups. These enemies can be easily defeated merely by striking them with the Sword, though many other weapons are also effective at dispatching them.

Fire and Ice Keese reappear in Phantom Hourglass.

Spirit Tracks[]

Keese return as enemies, along with Fire Keese and Ice Keese, and commonly appear in groups within caves and dungeons. Keese constantly fly in random circular motions, closer to three-dimensional installments of The Legend of Zelda series. Keese can be defeated from a sword strike and most other items. If Link uses a Whirlwind on either a Fire Keese or an Ice Keese, this turns it into a regular Keese.

Skyward Sword[]

Fi's Comment
Fi says:

Target lock: Keese

Found in many locations, these winged monsters are attracted to dark places, such as caves.

They often gather in colonies, are active at night, and sleep in the day. Those who come too close and awaken them often fall victim to attack.

Keese in Skyward Sword patrol the areas they reside in while in flight high above. When they notice Link, Keese fly down to his level, and pause before attacking. Their distinctive yellow eyes will glow red just before they strike. Keese can defeated from a Sword strike, as well as shot down from the sky using a long-range weapon such as the Slingshot, Beetle, and Bow. A Keese has to be hit with the Practice Sword twice to be defeated.

Aside from the returning Fire Keese, the game introduces two additional variants of Keese: Thunder Keese, an electrified variant, and Dark Keese, a skeletal variant capable of inflicting a curse upon Link.

A Link Between Worlds[]

Keese in A Link Between Worlds are closely based on their A Link to the Past incarnation. They sit quietly, taking to the air only when approached. Keese will generally make for Link's direction as they fly. As before, any conventional weapon is able to dispel or otherwise stun them. If left alone, they will return to their original positions.

Tri Force Heroes[]

Keese in Tri Force Heroes behave similarly to their 3D console appearances. They patrol their territory in short, circular paths, yet when they spot one of the Links, they will back away before swiftly diving at them to attack. They can be defeated or stunned by any weapons in the Links' possession. Fire Keese and Ice Keese also appear, and a Link can use a Gust Jar to turn them into regular Keese.

Breath of the Wild[]

Hyrule Compendium Entry

088 (088) Keese
BotW Hyrule Compendium Keese
The unpredictable flight pattern of this nocturnal bat-like species can make fighting them a nuisance, but they're weak enough to fell with a single strike. Sometimes they'll attack in packs, but even then, a pack can be sent packing with a single attack.
Common Locations
Hyrule Field
East Necluda
Recoverable Materials
Keese Wing Keese Eyeball

Keese in Breath of the Wild are bat-like enemies with sharp teeth and a single, glowing eye. They can potentially drop Keese Eyeballs or Keese Wings when defeated. Keese are found during nighttime, and sometimes on the ceilings of caves. They will often attack in swarms. If Link parries their charge attack, they will be killed without any loss of durability, unless if it is any Lynel shields.

Electric, Fire, and Ice Keese also reappear in Breath of the Wild. These drop Fire Keese Wings, Ice Keese Wings, and Electric Keese Wings, respectively, as well as Keese Eyeballs.

When blown away using a Korok Leaf, Keese will momentarily fall to the ground before they start flying again.

Tears of the Kingdom[]

Keese in Tears of the Kingdom are largely similar as in Breath of the Wild. In addition to appearing at night and on cave ceilings, they may also exit caves in swarms as Link enters. In these instances, they will not cause immediate contact damage and will pass through Link, but can receive damage from weapons and explosives if the player is able to attack them before they disappear. When parried, won't use up any durability, unless a sharp object is fused with it or using Lynel Shields.

Spinoff appearances[]

The Legend of Zelda Game Watch[]

Bat GW

In The Legend of Zelda Game Watch, Keese are referred to as Bats.[9] They can only be defeated with the Sword. They appear from the second dungeon onward, and only once all of the Iron Balls have been defeated. Once all of the Bats in a room are defeated, a Key appears, which Link can use to proceed to the next room.

The Faces of Evil / The Wand of Gamelon[]

Keese are among the enemies encountered by Link and Zelda in The Faces of Evil and The Wand of Gamelon, respectively.

Link's Crossbow Training[]

Keese are enemy targets encountered in a few stages in Link's Crossbow Training. Keese first appear in Hyrule Castle: Defender, followed by Snowpeak Ruins: Ranger, Temple of Time: Ranger, Snowpeak Ruins: Defender, and lastly Ranch Target Practice. Keese typically attack by flying at the player in swarms. Keese reward 30 points when defeated.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity[]

Keese return as enemies in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, along with a few of their elemental counterparts: Fire Keese, Ice Keese, and Electric Keese. Keese and their variants are all depicted after their appearance in Breath of the Wild. Keese are weak enemies that can usually be defeated quickly, and defeating a Keese may result in it dropping either a Keese Wing or a Keese Eyeball.

In other media[]

Oracle of Seasons (Himekawa)[]

A Keese has a major role in the Oracle of Seasons manga, flying off to warn Onox of Link's potential after Blaino's defeat, while having a Crow (Named Crowley) plant Manhandla to handle him. He later reports to Onox after Medusa Head is defeated and Link's progress through the northern mountains, earning a near death brush from his weapon and a berating to secure the perimeter, instead of reporting to him.

Crossover appearances[]

Nintendo Land[]

Battle Quest Prize Keese
Monita says:

Keese are bat-like monsters usually found in dark places. They ram you if you get close and then fly out of reach when you finally manage to draw your sword. How rude!

Keese appear within caves and dungeons in the later stages of "Battle Quest" mode in Nintendo Land. Keese are usually encountered in large swarms on the ceiling. Keese first appear in Death Mountain Climb. When the player draws near, Keese drop down and fly directly at them, one after the other, and must be defended against or defeated before they strike. After attacking, they will pass by and not strike again. They are also summoned by Wizzrobes when playing as an Archer, appearing as pairs or in groups of three. They are best shot down with charged shots as they appear.

Keese are one of the 200 Prizes that can be won using the Coins in the main Plaza. Upon touching the Keese Prize in the Plaza, the Keese will become animated temporarily and Monita will comment on it.

Sonic Lost World[]

Keese appear as enemies in The Legend of Zelda Zone from Sonic Lost World, using their design from Skyward Sword. They behave identically to the Batbrain enemies from the main game.

Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe[]

In Mario Kart 8 and its Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Keese, which take on their Skyward Sword appearance, are obstacles encountered late into Hyrule Circuit, where they fly in the opposite direction of the racers. Anyone who drives into a Keese stops moving temporarily. Keese behave identically to Swoopers, a similar bat enemy from the Mario franchise, and take over their role in Hyrule Circuit.

Cadence of Hyrule[]

CoH Keese Sprite

Keese are enemies in Cadence of Hyrule, where they move to the beat of the music. They fly on every other beat, holding out their wings for one beat, facing the direction they want to fly in before moving on the second beat.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseキース (Kīsu) (TLoZ | ALttP | OoT | SS | BotW)[10][11][12][13][14]Same as English.
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR蝙蝠 (Biānfú) (BotW)
NetherlandsDutchVleermuis (TLoZ)[15]
Keese (BotW)[16]
CanadaFrenchCAChauve-souris (BotW)[17]
FranceFrenchEUKeese (TLoZ)[18]
Chauve-souris (BotW)[19]
GermanyGermanFlederbeißer (BotW)[20]
ItalyItalianPipistrello (BotW)[21]
South KoreaKorean키이스 (Kiiseu) (BotW)
RussiaRussianКус (Kus) (BotW)[22]
N/A (TLoZ)
SpainSpanishEUKeese (BotW)[23]
Latin AmericaSpanishLAKeese (BotW)[24]
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  1. Keese are pluralized as "Keeses" in The Legend of Zelda manual and in The Wind Waker.[6][7] However, as the enemy's plural was officially stated as Keese in Encyclopedia, "Keeses" is not considered Canon.


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