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Keep Boss are a type of enemy unit that appears in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends.

In order to take keeps, the player or CPU controlled enemy must reduce its keep meter in order to make the Keep Boss appear and then defeat them to cause the keep to fall into the hands of whichever faction defeated the Keep Boss. Keep Boss also appear as allied units that will also appear in allied keeps if enemy units manage to reduce its keep meter enough. If allied keep boss are defeated the keep will fall into enemy hands (which can lead to a game over if the keep in question is the allied forces' base). Unlike Giant Bosses, Keep Boss are basically standard captains/enforcers that must be defeated in order to capture keeps. In most scenarios they are Bulblin Captains, Bokoblin Captains, Hyrulean Captains, and Stalfos, though in certain scenarios they can be Enforcers such as Darknuts and Aeralfos. In the Land of Twilight story scenario, Dark Aeralfos and Dark Darknuts appear as Keep Boss in Keeps covered in Twilight. In most cases (save for certain scenarios), the Keep Boss are Captains level units of opposing enemy grunts (for example, if Bokoblins foot soldiers appear as the enemies in a keep, the Keep Boss is usually an a Bokoblin Captain)

List of Keep Boss


The concept of the Keep Boss originates from Tecmo Koei's Dynasty Warriors series.

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