Keeps are critical strongholds in Hyrule Warriors.[1]

Features and Overview

Keeps represent territories that Allied, Enemy, and Rogue Forces fight over. They are often walled structures filled with troops of the Force that owns it. The progression of a Force's control over the Keeps are indicated by a Keep Meter, representing the defense of the Keep, which appears beneath the names of the respective Keeps. While the opposing Forces control Keeps, they may call upon reinforcements in an attempt to sway the battle in their favor.[1] In order to prevent this, a Force must fight the troops within and deplete the Keep Meter, which summons the Keep Boss.[2] Keep Bosses are tougher variants of enemies that serve as the last line of defense for Keeps. Once defeated, the Keep will switch control over to the victorious Force until they are overrun by another Force again. Weakened Keeps will gradually recover their defense over time, provided if they are not attacked in that time.

Keeps that are controlled by the Hyrulean Forces are overseen by key members of the Hyrulean army, such as the Force's Captains. When a Keep is in danger of falling to an opposing Force, a notice will be given, prompting the Force's allies to return and defend them.

Sometimes Keeps will also house Treasure Chests, which may or not be revealed once the Keep is taken. These chests usually contain Rupees, and sometimes Heart Containers, Pieces of Heart, or new Weapons for characters to use in the form of Sealed Weapons.


Bases are important Keeps that the Forces own, indicated by a fortress symbol on the stage map. Bases are crucial in keeping throughout the battle. Should the Allied Base fall, the Allies will be defeated unless the Base is saved from further attack. Enemy Bases are usually securely guarded by barriers until their defenses are gradually weakened and are opened, and a boss may wait at its end. Defeating the Boss will usually take over the Base and end the battle in victory, although not all stages are won if the Enemy Base is conquered.

Not all stages start with an Allied Base or even an Enemy Base. The Allies however may reach an empty Keep during the course of the battle and claim it as their own Base. Allowing these new Bases to fall will still result in the battle ending in defeat.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Flag.png Japanese 砦 (Toride) Fort
Italy Flag.png Italian Presidio

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