The Keaton Quiz is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. When Link obtains the Keaton Mask, he can use it to summon the mysterious fox, Keaton, who will quiz him with various questions relating to his quest.

In North Clock Town, Milk Road and the Mountain Village, Link finds patches of grass that move about when provoked. If Link destroyed one of these shrubs while wearing the Keaton Mask, Keaton appears and tells Link that he knows he is not a real Keaton. The fox then begins to quiz Link with five questions. If Link can answer all of the randomly selected questions correctly, Keaton gives him a Piece of Heart. If Link receives the Piece of Heart and answers the quiz again on a subsequent time loop, he will receive 20 Rupees instead.


Below is a table containing all of the possible questions on the Keaton Quiz. The answers in bold denotes the correct answer.

Questions Answer A Answer B Answer C
What time does Romani, the girl at the ranch, go to bed? Seven Eight She doesn't sleep
At what time does Romani, the ranch girl, wake up? Six Seven She never gets up
How many balloons does Romani, the girl at the ranch, use during practice? One Two She doesn't use balloons
What weapon does Romani, the girl at the ranch, use in practice? Slingshot Bow She doesn't use one
What is the name given to you by Romani, the girl at the ranch? Butterfly Cricket Grasshopper
What is the name of the song that Romani, the girl at the ranch, teaches you? Epona's Song Song of Healing Song of the Field
How many tiny cow figurines are there in Clock Town? Eight Nine Ten
How many cows are there at Romani Ranch? Two Three Four
How many cuccos are there in the barn at Romani Ranch? One Two There are none
Where does Cremia, manager of Romani Ranch, try to deliver her milk? Curiosity Shop Milk Bar Stock Pot Inn
How old is Tingle, the map salesman? 15 25 35
What are the magic words that Tingle created? Tingle, Tingle...what? Abracadabra! Kookoo-Tingle-Rama! Kooloo-Limpah!
Is Tingle the mapmaker left-handed or right-handed? Left-handed Right-handed Ambidextrous
What color of trunks does Tingle the mapmaker wear? Yellow He doesn't wear any Red
What is the name of the festival that is to be held in Clock Town? Carnival of the Moon Carnival of Time Carnival of Masks
What is the name of the mayor of Clock Town? Babour Cagour Dotour
What is the name of the vintage milk sold at the Milk Bar? Romani Run Chateau Romani Chateau Moroni
What is the name of Clock Town's inn? Stockpile Inn Stop On Inn Stock Pot Inn
What bad habit does Anju, the innkeeper, have? She's quick to apologize She's quick to get angry She's quick to break into tears
What is Anju, the innkeeper, bad at doing? Cleaning Writing letters Cooking
What is the name of Anju's father? Padre Tortus Tertal
Who is the leader of the Bombers gang? Gorman Viscen Jim
Once it's completed, how tall will the festival tower at the carnival be? Two stories Four Stories Six stories
How many mailboxes are there in Clock Town? Four Five Six
What does the owner of the Bomb Shop call his mother? Old Lady Mother Mommy
What is the name of the singer in the Zora band, The Indigo-Go's? Toto Lulu Ruto
How many members are there in the Zora band, The Indigo-Go's? Four Five Six
Mikau is of which race? Deku Scrub Goron Zora
Darmani is of which race? Deku Scrub Goron Zora
What instrument does the Skull Kid play? Tin Whistle Flute Ocarina
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