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Kaysa is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[4][name reference needed]


Breath of the Wild

Kaysa is a Great Fairy who resides in the Great Fairy Fountain on Piper Ridge, which is located on the Tabantha Frontier. Like the other Great Fairies, Kaysa will upgrade Link's Armor in exchange for Materials.

Kaysa is the subject of the "A Gift for the Great Fairy" Side Quest. At the Tabantha Bridge Stable, Link can encounter Toren, who is determined to locate Kaysa's Great Fairy Fountain and meet her.[1] He has heard that the shadow of the Tabantha Tower points towards the Fountain in the afternoon.[5] However, he is unable to reach the top of the Tower on his own, so he asks Link to make an offering to Kaysa for him on his behalf.[6] If Link agrees, Toren will give him 500 Rupees to give to Kaysa.[7]

When Link arrives at the Great Fairy Fountain, he will hear the voice of Kaysa inside, asking him to listen to her story.[8] If Link agrees to listen, she introduces herself and explains that there was once a spring in this location.[9] Over time, the number of travelers visiting to offer Rupees to Kaysa dwindled, and thus her power weakened.[10] Without her power, she asks Link to give her Rupees.[11] Depending on how many Great Fairies Link has already given offerings to, Kaysa will ask for either 100 Rupees,[12] 500 Rupees,[13] 1,000 Rupees,[14] or 10,000 Rupees.[15] She promises to help him after her power has been restored.[16] Her hand will then emerge from the bud, and she asks Link to hand over his Rupees.[17]

If Link agrees to give her an offering, Kaysa will thank him for his kindness.[18] Her power returns to her, causing her Great Fairy Fountain to bloom once again.[19] She then emerges from the pool.[20] Finally able to see Link, Kaysa notes that she was correct in assuming that he is handsome.[21] She jokingly asks him if he would like to live at the Great Fairy Fountain with her.[22] Revealing that she was kidding, Kaysa remarks that Link is cute when he blushes.[23]

To thank Link for his assistance, she offers to enhance his Armor if he brings her the correct Materials.[24] The degree to which she will be able to enhance Link's Armor depends on how many other Great Fairies have received offerings.[25][26][27][28] When Link selects a piece of Armor to upgrade, Kaysa will tell him to close his eyes as she upgrades it.[29] Should Link lack the materials for a requested upgrade, Kaysa will playfully chide him for being impatient[30], whereas declining an available upgrade has her accuse him of attempting to tease her with the prospect.[31]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


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