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Tera (eldest sister)
Cotera (sister)
Mija (sister)

Kaysa is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Kaysa is a Great Fairy living in the Tabantha Frontier region. Like the other Great Fairies, Kaysa will upgrade Link's Armor in exchange for Materials.

Among the four sisters, Kaysa is most flagrant about her attraction to Link, so much so that she invites him to live with her at her fountain upon first meeting him.[2] Though she assures him she is only joking,[3] she maintains the same behavior as she goes about upgrading his armor. She also appears to believe Link reciprocates her feelings, as she will tease him about his impatience should he request an upgrade he is not equipped for,[4] and should he refuse an upgrade for which he has the necessary materials, she wonders if he is attempting to tease her by putting it off.[5]

Kaysa is also the subject of the sidequest "A Gift for the Great Fairy". At the Tabantha Bridge Stable, there is an NPC known as Toren who is determined to locate Kaysa's fountain and meet her. When spoken to, he gives Link a hint as to the fountain's location and 500 Rupees to give to her as an offering. Once Link has spoken to Kaysa and returned to the stable, Toren will thank him for making the journey, but insists when pressed for a reward that being able to meet the Great Fairy is enough recompense, in his view.[6]


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