"I see now that my first impression was correct. You most definitely are pleasant to look at. How would you like to live here with me, hmm?"
— Kaysa

Kaysa is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a Great Fairy and she can be found at a Great Fairy Fountain near Tabantha Tower in the southern part of the Tabantha Frontier region. Since the Great Calamity, few people visited Kaysa's flower-like shrine and she was starting to waste away by the time Link first meets her. Kaysa requests 100 Rupees from Link, or more if she is not the first great fairy encountered, to restore herself to her former glory. Upon being rejuvenated from acquiring the Rupees, Kaysa will offer to upgrade Link's clothing if Link is able to provide her with the necessary crafting materials.

Like her sisters, she shows affection to Link when she upgrades his Armor. For Level 1 upgrades she blows a kiss, for Level 2 she kisses her finger and touches Link's forehead, for Level 3 she kisses Link as he bashfully cowers from her advances, and for Level 4 she grabs him and affectionately holds him, before pulling him into her fountain, and the screen momentarily fades to black before returning back to the spring where Link is lying on the ground gets up finding his selected armor has been upgraded completely.

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