Kayra Mah Shrine is a Shrine from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in Gorko Tunnel southwest of Goron City in the Death Mountain region of Hyrule. The Sheikah Monk Kayra Mah offers a Spirit Orb to Link upon completion of the his trial, "Greedy Hill".

"Greedy Hill"

Link arrives in a small, bare chamber facing a stairway. Through the stairway is a long uphill slope with large metal balls visible on a platform a short way up the slope. Once Link begins climbing the slope, the platform holding the metal balls drop and he must try to avoid them. This is followed by a wave of smaller spiked metal balls, and this pattern repeats several times along the slope. Occasionally patches of Rupees are dropped down the slope as well. There are two Chests on either side of the ramp. Kayra Mah's altar lies at the top of the slope.

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