Kaya Wan Shrine is a Shrine from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Shrine is located south of the Rebonae Bridge, nearby the Wetland Stable found in the Lanayru province of Hyrule. The Sheikah Monk Kaya Wan offers a trial called "Shields from Water", and he will give a Spirit Orb to Link upon completion of the trial.

"Shields from Water"

When Link first enters the Shrine, he will be greeted by what appears to be an insurmountable waterfall in the first section. He only needs to use the Cryonis Rune in order to get over this waterfall, carefully placing the ice pillars in the right spots to do so. Once accomplished, Link walks a bit farther and see a lone Guardian Scout on a pedestal.

After defeating this robotic scout, Link can proceed straight ahead and use the Cryonis Rune again to navigate. Link must then catch a ride on a wooden raft, however if Link does not use the rune again at the end of the river, or does it too late, he will find himself falling into a chasm as there is not enough height to jump from. If he does this at the right moment, he will have the wooden raft on top of an icy pillar and from there, Link will have enough height to jump off, glide to, and meet the Sheikah Monk Kaya Wan for the Spirit Orb.

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