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Karson is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Karson is a Hylian resident of Hateno Village in East Necluda. He has recently finished his trial period for Bolson Construction, making him an official employee.[3][4]

Initially, Karson can be found attempting to demolish the abandoned house in Hateno Village alongside Hudson.[5][6] He tells Link that the former owner of the house left to serve at Hyrule Castle and never returned.[7] When Link comments that this seems like hard work, Karson claims that he would not want it any other way.[8] If Link offers to buy the house, Karson will direct him to his boss, Bolson.[9]

Karson admits to Link that he was hired by Bolson Construction due to his name ending in "-son."[10] At Link's confusion, Karson explains that Bolson Construction has a policy of only hiring people whose names end in "-son."[11] he claims that Bolson has been considerig expanding his business, but he does not know where he is going to find enough people fitting the name requirement.[12]

Once Link offers to buy the House from Bolson, Karson will cease work and sit underneath a Tree nearby, awaiting Bolson's orders.[13] He appears relieved to receive a break.[14] He will admits to Link that he finds construction work to be hard, which is why he idolizes Hudson's ability to work quickly.[15] He then reveals that he overheard Link's deal with Bolson, and he asks if he is serious about buying the House.[16] When Link confirms that he is, Karson will be surprised, especially since Link appears to be younger than him.[17] If Link claims that he will not buy the House, Karson is still impressed that he considered it, and he wonders how much demolition he will have to do in order to make that kind of money.[18] Despite Link's answer, Karson decides to keep working hard to build his own place in the world.[19]

After Link completes the purchase of his House, Karson will thank him for doing so.[20] He is impressed someone so young was able to spend so many Rupees.[21] Due to this, Karson has received a sizable bonus.[22] With it, he plans on getting a meal with his girlfriend, Sophie.[23]

Karson will take note when Hudson leaves for Akkala.[24] If Link asks where he went, Karson reveals that he is in search of new and creative ways to expand the business Bolson Construction.[25] Though he wants to help him, Karson believes he still has much to learn.[26] Karson still has many things he hopes that Hudson will teach him, and so he hopes they will meet again soon.[27]

Throughout the "Hylian Homeowner" Side Quest, Karson will assist Bolson in renovating Link's House.[28][29][30] After all of the renovations are complete, Bolson has Karson help him install the rest of the Furniture into Link's House.[31] The two of them will then proceed to take a break.[32]

During the "From the Ground Up" Side Quest, Hudson will ask Link to invite Bolson and Karson to his wedding in Tarrey Town.[33] After Link informs Bolson of the wedding, he and Karson will depart for Tarrey Town together.[34] Before he leaves, Karson remarks that he and Bolson have been waiting for this day.[35]

After arriving in Tarrey Town, Hudson states that he feels relaxed now that he has met with Hudson.[36] He then asks Link if he has met Hudson's fiancée, Rhondson.[37] Karson considers her to be a beauty, and he is impressed that she makes all of the clothes that she sells. [38] He shares that his girlfriend Sophie also works at an Armor Shop, but her father is the one who actually makes all of the clothes.[1] However, he realizes he has gotten on a tangent.[39]

During the wedding ceremony, when Bolson rebukes Rhondson's claim that the vows are not traditional, Karson argues that she likely did not mean traditional in the way he is thinking.[40] He is also seen applauding once the couple has been declared married. Afterwards, he and Bolson will return to Hateno Village.[41][42]

After returning to Hateno Village, Karson will wonder what it is that Rhondson likes about Hudson.[43] He theorizes that it could be Hudson's silky hair or his chiseled physique.[44][45]


  • If Link speaks to Karson while not wearing a shirt, he will comment on Link's freedom.[46]


The first half of Karson's name is a variation of the Scandinavian name Karr, which means "reluctant", "curly haired", and "obstinate". [47]

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