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"If during your travels you meet any engaged couples, I would like you to introduce them to me. Joining two souls is a true honor, one I shall take my life on. Just one more wedding...and I shall be fulfilled."
— Kapson

Kapson is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Kapson is a Zora who can be found on the second level of Zora's Domain behind the stairs leading to the throne room. Kapson is a former priest, whose only wish is to help one more engaged couple get married.

He is related to the quest "From the Ground Up." During the quest Link has to find settlers for Tarrey Town. After Link gives Hudson 50 bundles of wood, he has Link find Kapson to marry him and Rhondson, a Gerudo.

Physical appearance

Kapson is an older Zora with heavily defined wrinkles around his orange eyes. His skin is a light burgundy color and he wears a green bandana around his neck.

Related quests

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