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Kaneli's House is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

Kaneli's House is the highest house in Rito Village, located at the end of the wooden path that twists around the spire. Link can find Kaneli, the chief of the Rito, inside at all hours of the day.

When Link first speaks to Kaneli in his House, he will begin to welcome him to Rito Village.[2] However, he is caught off guard when he recognizes the Sheikah Slate Link has,[3] which he asks him about.[4] Once he realizes that Link is capable of boarding the Divine Beasts,[5] Kaneli asks him to stop the rampage of Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[6] Agreeing to do so begins the "Divine Beast Vah Medoh" Main Quest.

After Link has calmed Divine Beast Vah Medoh, he must return to Kaneli's House to tell him the news.[7] As a reward, Kaneli has prepared a Treasure Chest, the contents of which he allows Link to take.[8] Inside is the Great Eagle Bow.


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