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Kaneli is a character in Breath of the Wild.[5]


Kaneli is the chief of Rito Village. He once was a Rito warrior and Teba's mentor.[3] He resides in his House at the top of Rito Village.

When Link first approaches Kaneli, he will take note of the Sheikah Slate that he is carrying.[6] He introduces himself to Link and asks if he truly has a Sheikah Slate.[7] If Link confirms it is, Kaneli will reason that he must be a Champion like Revali, and therefore capable of boarding Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[8] However, realizing that it has been 100 years since the Champions died, he surmises that Link must instead be one of their descendants.[9] Despite this, he still asks Link to listen to his request.[10]

If Link agrees to hear him out, Kaneli will be grateful.[11] Since Link has the blood of a Champion, Kaneli asks him to deal with their issues with Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[12] Only Champions are capable of stopping the rampage of a Divine Beast.[13] This information was lost on Teba and Harth, who went to confront Medoh on their own and were defeated.[14] Though Teba is unharmed, Kaneli fears that he is planning another attack on the Divine Beast.[15] He asks Link to seek out Teba and try to stop Divine Beast Vah Medoh together.[16] After this conversation, the "Divine Beast Vah Medoh" Main Quest will begin.

During the Main Quest, Kaneli is capable of answering questions for Link.[17][18] If Link asks who Teba is, Kaneli explains that he is a warrior who lives next door to him.[19] Alongside Harth, Teba went to confront Divine Beast Vah Medoh, but Harth ended up injured and was forced to retreat.[20] Their defeat only made Teba more determined, and Kaneli repeats his fear that Teba plans on facing Divine Beast Vah Medoh alone.[21] As the Divine Beast is still flying, Kaneli hopes that Teba is well.[22] He suggests that Link speak to Teba's wife, Saki, to learn of his whereabouts.[23]

If Link asks about Revali, Kaneli explains that he was a warrior from Rito Village who died 100 years ago.[24] Stories claim that Revali was able to fly as though he were the Wind, and he was capable of wielding a Bow twice his size.[25] King Rhoam recognized Revali's skill and appointed him pilot of Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[26] Unfortunately, Revali fell during the fight against Calamity Ganon.[27] Kaneli wonders what could have been capable of killing such a strong warrior.[28]

Finally, Link can ask Kaneli about Divine Beast Vah Medoh. He will ask Link if he noticed the giant bird in the sky, and he explains that this is Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[29] He continues to share that the Divine Beasts were made by the ancient Sheikah ages ago in order to fight Calamity Ganon.[30] However, during the Great Calamity, they were turned against the people of Hyrule Kingdom by Ganon himself.[31] Though this happened a century ago, the Divine Beasts have made a sudden return and started attacking people.[32] Kaneli is concerned that this could foretell the return of Calamity Ganon.[33]

After Link has successfully calmed Divine Beast Vah Medoh, he must return to Rito Village to share the news with Kaneli.[34] He is pleased to see that the Divine Beast has taken up residence atop Rito Village.[35] According to legend, the light of the Divine Beasts is capable of destroying Calamity Ganon.[36] In the meantime, Divine Beast Vah Medoh will serve as a protector for Rito Village, and Kaneli declares that both it and Link will live on in legend.[37]

Kaneli decides that he needs to reward Link.[38] He implores Link to take the contents of the nearby Treasure Chest for himself, proclaiming he will get more use out of it.[39] Inside the Chest, Link will find the Great Eagle Bow.

If Link has not yet acquired the Master Sword, Kaneli will liken his accomplishments to that of the Hylian Champion from 100 years ago.[40] According to Kaneli, the only thing he lacks to achieve that same greatness would be the Master Sword.[41] If Link has the Master Sword, Kaneli will recognize it as such.[42] He then wonders whether Link is indeed the Hylian Champion.[43] Once he finishes speaking, the Main Quest will be completed.

Afterwards, Link is able to keep asking Kaneli questions.[44] If he asks about the Master Sword, Kaneli shares the legend that it was used by the Hylian Champion against Calamity Ganon.[45] He tells Link that the Master Sword is a precious gift from his ancestors, and he warns him to never lose it.[46]

When Link asks about the Great Eagle Bow, Kaneli explains that it is the finest Bow in the land and made using traditional Rito crafting, and he goes on to share that it was once used by Revali.[47] None of the Rito are capable of using the Bow to its full potential due to it being difficult to handle.[48] Since Harth knows it well, Kaneli encourages Link to speak to him for more details on the Great Eagle Bow.[49]

Finally, if Link asks about Divine Beast Vah Medoh again, Kaneli explains that it is an ancient Sheikah weapon with the power to seal evil, once piloted by Revali.[50] He will then repeat the legend of the Divine Beasts' ability to ravage the Ganon as well as his desire to see it go down in legend.[36][37]

Once Link has started the "EX Champion Revali's Song" Main Quest, which is exclusive to The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack, he is able to ask two new questions of Kaneli. If Link requests that Kaneli tell him about Revali, Kaneli explains that the Rito recently uncovered The Diary of Revali, which was very exciting for them.[51] Kaneli has left Teba in charge of the Diary due to his admiration of Revali.[52] At Link's curiosity, Kaneli reveals that they found The Diary of Revali at the Flight Range.[53] It has been taken to Teba's Home for safekeeping.[54]

Link is also able to ask Kaneli where Teba is, though Kaneli only knows that he has not spent much time in Rito Village lately.[55] He recalls that Teba has always wanted to be like Revali, and he has hope that his son Tulin will share his dream.[56] He once again believes that Saki knows where Teba is.[57] He directs Link next door to Teba's Home if he is curious.[58]


  • On occasion, Kaneli will make a "hoo" noise similar to a real life Owl.[59][60]
  • Kaneli is not present in Rito Village in Tears of the Kingdom and Teba has become the new Rito elder. This seems to suggest that Kaneli passed away in the time since Breath of the Wild. However, talking with the Rito after finishing the Wind Dungeon reveals that he has become the caretaker of the Flight Range.


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