"I gotta tell you, before I became a sailor, I wanted to be an artist, so when it comes to ar-tis-tic expression, I'm kind of a snob, know what I mean? A good snob."
— Kane

Kane is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He was born on Windfall Island. At a certain time in his life, he strived to become a painter, but due to certain conditions of his home life, he was forced to take the profession of a sailor instead. He still is discerning in how he judges artistic delineation, and will give Link 50 Rupees if he places a Shop Guru Statue or a Postman Statue on top of the Windfall Island town gate.


Kane's name may be a reference to candy canes or to sugarcane, a plant that is harvested to make sugar. Two other sailors who live on Windfall Island, Candy and Gummy, also have candy-themed names.

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