"A lot of people collect things as a hobby. Me, I just like to sit and gaze at the night sky. That's all the hobby I need."
— Kamo

Kamo is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He was born on Windfall Island, and has lived there his entire life.


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When he was young, Kamo was a student of Mrs. Marie's at Mrs. Marie's School of Joy, along with Linda, who he supposedly still has feelings for.

During the day Kamo sits on the steps that lead to the Windfall Island Shop, and every night, he sits on the eastern ledge of the town square, gazing at the night sky, specifically the Moon. When Link first meets him, he is depressed and assures Link that he could never understand why. He goes on to tell Link that if he brings him a pictograph of a round, pale object, he will then know that Link truly does know how he is feeling. With the Deluxe Picto Box, Link must take a picture of the Moon when it is full. If Link shows Kamo the picture, he overcomes his depression. As thanks, he gives Link a Treasure Chart that leads to a Piece of Heart.

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Kamo's name may be a reference to the word "camouflage," which is a technique for disguising oneself to blend into the surroundings and avoid being noticed. This seems to fit Kamo's quiet nature.

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