"I am disappointed, oh moon. I have died! Oh, I planned to bring the world together and stir it into a giant melting pot with my dance! If only I had taught my new dance to someone..."
— Kamaro

Kamaro is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is the ghost of a dancer, who lingers on in the living world, filled with regret. Interestingly, the game provides rather blunt translations of his somewhat archaic dialogue. He is one of the twenty people listed in the Bombers' Notebook.


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The ghost of Kamaro haunts a plateau near the entrance to Snowhead in Termina Field, every night after 12 A.M. When he was alive, Kamaro created a new style of dance that he wanted to teach the whole world; however, he died before he was ever able to accomplish this.

Link is able to help Kamaro pass on the afterlife by playing the "Song of Healing", effectively healing his soul. He gives Link Kamaro's Mask, a mask crafted in his image, and tells him to use it to teach his dance to the whole world. Kamaro then disappears in a cloud of blue fire, having passed on.

Subsequently, Link can use the mask to teach his dance to the Rosa Sisters, earning him a Piece of Heart. Kamaro's wish of his dance becoming popular may become true, as the Rosa Sisters are shown performing the dance in front of a large crowd at the Milk Bar during the game's end credit sequence.

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