Kakariko Village Shop

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Kakariko Village Shop
Link To The Past - Kakariko Village Shop Interior.png
Inside Kakariko Village Shop
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The Kakariko Village Shop is a small shop in A Link to the Past that Link can access in the south-central area of Kakariko Village. The building is a small, windowless hut with cuccos roaming the yard. The hooded woman inside sells Link few items and shops ran by identical shopkeepers selling identical wares can be found on Death Mountain and Near Lake Hylia. The Red Potions at all three shops sell for 150 Rupees, compares to 120 Rupees at the Magic Shop.

Wares and Pricing

Item Price
ALttP Medicine of Life Sprite.png
Medicine of Life
ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png 150 Rupees
ALttP Heart Sprite.png
ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png 10 Rupees
ALttP Bomb Sprite.png
Bombs (10)
ALttP Green Rupee Sprite.png 50 Rupees