The Kakariko Village Shooting Gallery is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This Shooting Gallery is found in Kakariko Village during the adult portion of the game, thus only adult Link can participate in it. The owner of the shop is the same man who owned the Hyrule Castle Town Shooting Gallery from Link's childhood. When Hyrule Castle Town was destroyed under Ganondorf's rule, the owner fled to Kakariko Village and set up a new Shooting Gallery there, inside the building that was undergoing construction when Link was a child.

The game has the same objective as the Hyrule Castle Town Shooting Gallery: shoot all ten Rupees that appear. Unlike the Hyrule Castle Town Shooting Gallery, Link must use the Fairy Bow. Also, the Rupees appear in a random order each time (though the overall patterns remain the same), preventing Link from preparing for the next target.

If Link is able to hit all ten Rupees, he is rewarded with a Quiver upgrade, allowing him to carry more arrows than before. If he misses no more than two, he is allowed a free retry.

Surprisingly, Link can still play here even if he has not obtained the Fairy Bow yet. In this case, he will be lent one, but if he hits all ten Rupees, he will receive 50 Rupees instead of the Quiver upgrade.

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