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Kairo is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Kairo is a Goron who travels the Mountain Road between Foothill Stable and the end of the Maw of Death Mountain. At the end of his trail, he stops to search for Gems before heading back.[2] He used to work at the Goron Hot Springs, but he grew bored there and decided to travel the world as a Merchant.[3] He carries a Traveling Pack on his journeys.

Goron City is Kairo's hometown, and the reason he is so far away is to sell the Gems he has mined from Death Mountain.[4][5] While he admits that the area can be dangerous at times, he claims there is an abundance of Gems to mine.[6] He also mentions that he is friends with Yunobo, and he wonders how he is doing while he is away.[7]

Kairo considers himself to be more suited for the life of traveling Merchant, as he enjoys the scenery he sees along the way.[8][9][10] He wants to see parts of the world he otherwise would not be able to in Goron City, such as cold locations, green Trees, and hills.[11] He is interested in the Weather further away from Death Mountain, as there are no Magma Bombs falling from the sky.[12]

Since Link is a Hylian, Kairo warns him that he will need a way to protect himself from the Scorching Climate if he continues past the Maw of Death Mountain.[13][14] He recommends the use of a Fireproof Elixir, but he is unable to remember any of the ingredients required beyond a Fireproof Lizard.[15][16] He also warns Link about Magma Bombs, as getting hit by them would even hurt a Goron.[17][18]

Along his route, Kairo may be attacked by Fire Chuchus or other monsters. If Link saves him, he may share his relief to live another day.[19] He also has a chance to remark that he finds monsters to be scary.[20] As a reward, he will give Link Hasty Steamed Mushrooms, a Sneaky Elixir, a Fireproof Elixir, or Rupees.[21]

Kairo sells a limited selection of Gems at a fairly low price.[22][23] During Rain, Kairo will add rare Gems, such as Diamond, to his lineup.[24] When Link buys from Kairo, he shows his appreciation for his business.[25][26][27][28]

As with all other Merchants, Kairo will buy Items from Link as well.[29][30][31][32] He is grateful for any wares he is able to purchase from Link.[33][25][34]

Wares and Pricing

Item Description Price
BotW Amber Icon.png
A fossilized resin with a caramelesque sheen to it. It's been valued as a component in decorations and crafting since ancient times. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 60 Rupees
BotW Opal Icon.png
A valuable ore that gives off a mesmerizing iridescence similar to the inside of a seashell. It contains the power of water. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 80 Rupees
BotW Ruby Icon.png
A precious red gem mined from large ore deposits throughout Hyrule. Rubies contain the power of fire and have fetched a high price since ancient times. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 420 Rupees
BotW Sapphire Icon.png
A precious blue gem mined from natural rock formations. Sapphires contain the very essence of ice. They've been known to fetch a high price since ancient times. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 520 Rupees
BotW Topaz Icon.png
This precious yellow gem contains the power of electricity. It's been known to fetch a high price since ancient times. BotW Rupee Menu Icon.png 360 Rupees


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
United KingdomEnglishBRKairo
JapanJapaneseチャリオ (Chario)
Latin AmericaSpanishLAMaety
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