Ka'o Makagh Shrine

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Ka'o Makagh Shrine
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The Ka'o Makagh Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name Metal Doors Open the Way,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Ka'o Makagh Shrine can be found up above the Highland Stable on a ledge.

Themes and Navigation

When Link enters the Shrine he finds a pair of two large metal doors blocking the path. Link can use his Magnesis Rune to open the doors. When Link enters the next room he finds 4 large square platforms rising up from the ground, all identical in height except for one of the platforms, which is taller than the rest. To the left of those four squares, Link can find another set of large metal doors. The door on the left is not attached to the wall but instead is attached to bombable blocks. Link can destroy these block to remove the door from the wall and use it as a bridge. If Link uses the door as a bridge, he can cross on to the top of the tallest square. On top of this square, there is a stack of blocks. These blocks cannot be destroyed with bombs, nor can they be moved with Magnesis. Link must either use the Stasis Rune or knock them aside with the metal door from before to move the blocks. If Link uses the bridge to get to the northeastern square, Link can use the metallic door to form a bridge to reach the Sheikah Monk and obtain a Spirit Orb.

Behind the second pair of doors, Link can find a Chest containing a Knight's Bow. On top of the pile of blocks on the tallest square, there is a chest that holds an Opal. On the bottom of the tallest square facing the Sheikah Monk, there is a hidden hole in the square which is covered by a metallic block. If Link removes this block, he can find a chest containing a Gold Rupee.

Minor Enemies


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