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Main appearance(s)

Junglo the Jungle Hero is a character in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. In his youth Junglo was a muscular Tarzan-like hero, but over the years he has become old and frail. He lives in the Deku Forest where he raised his adopted daughter Aba. He can be found in the area Deku Forest.


Junglo's Baboon

Junglo is first encountered near the waterfall in the Deku Forest. When Tingle first meets up with Junglo, he is being attacked by insects. After defeating the insects, Junglo asks Tingle to escort him home. By offering to escort him, Tingle loses his current bodyguard. After escorting Junglo home, Tingle can obtain several items such as an empty jar and the recipe for Sleepy Spray.


There are two Junglo Bells located in Deku Forest. The first one is near where Tingle first arrives. When Tingle rings the bell Junglo comes to his assistance and has a large female baboon form a bridge over the gap. The second bell is located in front of the Lost Woods. Junglo will adventure into the woods and set up signs to point Tingle in the right direction.

Tingle soon learns that Aba is not Junglo's real daughter. Overhearing this, Aba grows angry with Junglo and leaves. Later, it is revealed that Aba is the Armourer's daughter. After Tingle finds her father, Junglo will reward him.