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Juney's Sand Seal Plushies is a Mini-Game in Tears of the Kingdom.

Location and Rules[]

Juney is a traveling Hylian who learned how to make Sand-Seal Plush from a Gerudo doll-maker.[1] She carries a wagon full of them and plans to present them to the school children of Hateno Village.[2] Unfortunately, she ends up getting lost on the way.[3]

Link can find Juney and her sand seal plushies at several locations in Hyrule. When Link approaches Juney, she is seen practicing her impression to present the kids her sand seal plushies. When Link tries to get her attention, she gets startled, along with her horse who ends up knocking all her sand seal plushies off. Dismayed, Juney blames Link for losing them. If Link offers to help, she will ask 20 Rupees for insurance.

The objective is to get all the lost sand seal plushies into the wagon within the alloted time. There are a total of 10 seal plushies to retrieve.[4][5] This can be accomplished by simply carrying them using Ultrahand. The wagon is small and has no high roofing, so the plushes can be prone to falling off if placed improperly.[6]

The reward for getting all the sand seals in time are Rupees.[5]



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