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Juney is a character in Breath of the Wild.[3]


Juney is a Hylian woman on her honeymoon in Rito Village.[1] She spends her days sitting on the ledge between Kaneli's House and Teba's home. During the night, she sleeps at the Swallow's Roost.[4]

When Link first approaches Juney, she will be shocked to see another Hylian in such a remote location, and she asks if he is wandering around Hyrule Kingdom in order to find himself.[5] Juney explains that she is visiting Rito Village for her honeymoon, but she is not pleased with it.[6] She believes that Gerudo Town or Zora's Domain would be more interesting, as Rito Village only makes her want to return home.[7] Juney is angry at her husband, Jogo, for choosing this as their honeymoon destination.[8] Though he has tried to apologize, Juney threatened to divorce him if he did not bring her a Baked Apple.[9] After this, "The Apple of My Eye" Side Quest will begin.

To complete the Side Quest, Link must bring a Baked Apple to Juney.[10] When Link speaks to her with a Baked Apple in his Inventory, Juney will be able to smell it on him.[11] She asks if she can have one, promising Link a present in return.[12] If Link agrees, Juney will give him a Silver Rupee.[13] Juney wishes Jogo would bring her Baked Apples more often, and she asks Link to bring her more in the future.[14] This completes the Side Quest.

After completing "The Apple of My Eye", Link can sell Baked Apples to Juney. She buys them in groups of one,[12] five,[15] 10,[16] 30,[17] 50,[18] and 100.[19] When Link agrees to sell to Juney, she promises that she will pay higher prices if he brings her more.[20] If Link refuses, Juney will call him a cheapskate.[21]

In Tears of the Kingdom, Juney can be found directly East of the Riverside Stable at the second river crossing you find. She has a horse and cart full of toys she is planning on giving to children. When you approach, she and her horse are startled, sending the toys flying. This starts a mini game wherein you pay 20 rupees to her in order to collect all of the ten toys and return them safely to the horse cart under a time limit. On success, she will reward you with a silver rupee worth 100 rupees. The quest can be repeated with a shorter time limit indefinitely after completion. This is an excellent early game infinite rupee generator. The only skill you need to worry about using is rewind. Start with the closest toy to you and rewind it. Use the brief time after activating rewind to target the next toy. Once you hear the audible indication that the first toy is in the cart, rewind the second one. While the second toy is moving back to the cart, swim to the small rock in the river. From there, rewind each toy in a counter-clockwise fashion, adjusting your targeting for the next toy. Once you hear the tone indicating that the toy has landed in the cart, cancel out of rewind and send the next one. Make sure to not miss the one directly adjacent to the rock you are standing on (it is below you on the opposite side of the rock outcropping from the cart). Once all ten hit the cart safely, collect your reward and repeat the quest as many times as you want.

Juney's Baked Apple Rates
Apples Bought Payment
1 5 BotW Green Rupee Icon
5 30 BotW Green Rupee Icon
10 70 BotW Green Rupee Icon
30 250 BotW Green Rupee Icon
50 500 BotW Green Rupee Icon
100 1200 BotW Green Rupee Icon


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
United KingdomEnglishBRJuney
Latin AmericaSpanishLAOney
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