"One of the basic sword techniques is the jump attack. It inflicts great damage, but none would call it effective against multiple foes. To perform the jump strike, prepare a jump attack, but focus power in your blade. The surge the blade releases can strike all enemies around you. This is the jump strike!"
Hero's Shade

The Jump Strike is a sword technique from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. One of the Hidden Skills, it is a more powerful version of the Jump Attack. It is designed to give Link an advantage while confronting groups of enemies. He can draw his sword and hold the hilt in both hands. When the enemies are within range, he jumps up, slashing his blade up in an arc. When the sword hits the ground, it creates a small shockwave, damaging the enemies and knocking them off their feet. It is performed by holding the A button while L-targeting, then releasing when a glint of light rises up Link's sword.

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