"Hehe, I have to say... You really make a convincing girl... I know your secret, and I'm still fooled every time you walk up!"
— Jules

Jules is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a Hylian with short purple hair and blue eyes and she wears a brown and white dress. During the day, Jules can be found shopping at the market of Gerudo Town and is one of three Hylian "Vai" (women) found visiting Gerudo Town along with Traysi and Tauma. She wishes to buy jewelry from Starlight Memories but it is closed when Link first visits. After Link helps the owner allowing the shop to reopen, Jules notes she doesn't have gemstones required to craft one and can't afford to buy one outright, lamenting it is just not the time for her to own one. She also shops for mushrooms at Ardin's mushroom stand in the mornings until noon. However she has trouble deciding between Chillshrooms or Sunshrooms as both can be used to create dishes that are useful for dealing with the desert's shifting climate between day and night.

Upon talking to her, she realizes quickly that Link is a man, but promises not to reveal his secret showing she does not care for Gerudo law forbidding men, though this is due to respecting Link's ability to pass as a girl so convincingly she finds it impressive and notes even though she knows the truth she is still fooled every time he walks up to her. She also decides to learn as much of the Gerudo language as she can during her time in Gerudo Town. Jules can also be found drinking water at The Noble Canteen during the evening. When Link speaks to her, she will tell him about how great the canteen's drinks are, thanks to the Northern Icehouse. If Link tells her not to drink too much she reveals she is drinking plain water as opposed to alcoholic drinks served at the Canteen such as Noble Pursuit. However if one looks closely at the cup she is drinking out of it contains a purple liquid indicating she was lying about it being water.

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