"The association's objective is to decorate our little town of Windfall with flowers and other small decorative items to make our town a better, more joyous place."
Mrs. Marie

The Joyous Volunteer Association is a group from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Led by Mrs. Marie, the founder of the organization and the teacher at Mrs. Marie's School of Joy, the Joyous Volunteer Association strives to make Windfall Island a better, more joyous place.


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The Joyous Volunteer Association came into existence when Zunari moved to Windfall Island. Hearing of Mrs. Marie's attempts to spread joy throughout Windfall, Zunari became interested in volunteer activities to help the cause. Soon enough, the organization was created, and its members began decorating Windfall in various ways; one major contribution of the Joyous Volunteer Association was the installation of several Joy Pedestals, which can be decorated by items sold at the Windfall Island Shop.

When Link arrives on Windfall Island, he is able to help the organization by decorating the various Joy Pedestals. Upon decorating all fourteen of the outdoor Joy Pedestals, he is rewarded a Piece of Heart by Sam, a member of the Joyous Volunteer Association.

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