"Have you seen the small metal pedestals all around town? We call those Joy Pedestals. Yeah, they got installed a little while ago by the newly formed Joyous Volunteer Association. It's part of this grand plan to help decorate the town."

Joy Pedestals are items from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They are metal pedestals that were installed by the Joyous Volunteer Association to make Windfall Island a more beautiful and joyous place. Joy Pedestals are meant to be decorated, and Link can do this with various items he collects. If the hero manages to decorate fourteen of the Joy Pedestals scattered throughout Windfall Island, Sam will reward him with a Piece of Heart. There are also two Joy Pedestals found in front of the door to Mrs. Marie's Cabana. Once Link has received the Cabana Deed, he can place decorations in these Joy Pedestals to decorate the Private Oasis as well.

Windfall Island locations

The required locations are:

  • 3 - by Sam's bench
  • 2 - by Zunari's shop/the stairs to the cafe
  • 1 - between the auction house and potion shop
  • 2 - overlooking the auction house and potion shop
  • 6 - on the brick archway over the town entrance

There are additional pedestals inside buildings, at least:

  • 2 - inside the potion shop
  • 6 - inside the auction house
  • 2 - inside the pictograph store
  • 4 - in the school
  • 4 - inside the game house
  • 5 - on the top floor of the rich house (with red couches)

Private Oasis locations

There are pedestals outside:

  • 2 - outside of the main entrance (talking door)
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