"Jovani... Jovani... Idiotic troll... Blinded by his greed, the imps took his soul... And even today, somewhere he stays, though he's a grown-up... Wah! Sniff! He moans...UH!"
— Child in Hyrule Castle Town

Jovani is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is a diminutive man who sold his soul to Poes for unimaginable wealth; however, he himself was turned into gold.


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Above all things, Jovani desired immense wealth and traded his soul to Poes in exchange for innumerable riches. His soul was split into sixty pieces, known as Poe Souls, that the Poes kept. However, something happened that Jovani did not expect; he, along with his cat, Gengle, were turned into gold themselves, and were stuck in a room filled with enormous piles of sparkling, golden coins. He subsequently regrets his decision, and wishes to be returned to his original form once again, primarily to be able to see his girlfriend.

When Link sneaks through Hyrule Castle Town as a wolf in order to meet Princess Zelda, he comes across Jovani's house, where Jovani has been sitting without anyone to communicate with since he was cursed. After Link defeats the nearby Poe and collects it soul, Jovani asks Link to collect the remaining Poe Souls and break the curse on him, for an ample reward. He then opens a chest that covered up a secret entrance to the Underground Waterway of Hyrule Castle Town.

Once Link has collected twenty Poe Souls or more, Jovani's mobility is restored, and he gives Link a bottle of Great Fairy's Tears as thanks. This also restores Gengle to his original state. However, Jovani's complexion still consists of gold, and because of this, he decides he cannot leave the house. He asks Link to find the remaining Poe Souls and break the curse completely. In the re-release for the Wii U, Jovani also provides Link with the Ghost Lantern to aid in his ghost hunting quest when Link returns with twenty or more souls.

Once all sixty Poe Souls have been collected, Jovani is restored to his original form. He gives Link his undying gratitude and a Silver Rupee, worth 200 Rupees. Unfortunately for Jovani, his absence left his girlfriend no other choice but to forget about him and develop a relationship with another man. From this point forward, Jovani is found in Telma's Bar, crying about his girlfriend leaving him; Gengle can be found in his house giving away Silver Rupees for free.

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