Joloo Nah Shrine

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Joloo Nah Shrine
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The Joloo Nah Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name Joloo Nah Apparatus,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Joloo Nah Shrine is located on Mount Nabooru in Gerudo Highlands. Link must complete the "Test of Will" Shrine Quest in order to gain access to the Shrine. To complete the Quest, Link must endure on a ring of heat and subsequently, a ring of lava, in order to win the Goron Blood Brothers' challenge.[2] Once Link survives this test of endurance, the Shrine will rise from the ground.

Themes and Navigation

The Joloo Nah Shrine features three primary chambers in which Link must utilize motion controls in order to complete puzzles. The first puzzle consists of spinning a cube until all switches on each side of the cube have been charged by a power source on the ceiling. The second puzzle consists of spinning a cube that blows wind from 4 sides. Link can find a Treasure Chest containing a Golden Claymore in this room by using the wind to help him glide to the platform it sits on. Link must get the wind to blow onto 4 fans. Two of the fans are too low for the wind, so Link must raise them with the nearby floor switches. He can do so by placing the big metal cube in the room on one with Magnesis and using Stasis on the other while standing on it. Link must hurry to the next room before the Stasis times out.

The third and final chamber consists of a water puzzle. It functions just like the first puzzle in the Shrine, with Link needing to spin a cube to get all sides to touch the top. Link must light all the torches on the cube on the metal lantern hanging from the ceiling. Link can use Magnesis to grab the lantern and burn the leaves on the wall above it, causing a Treasure Chest containing a Gerudo Spear to fall down. Two streams of water flow toward two sides of the cube and put out the torch fires, making this puzzle more complicated than the first puzzle. If Link is careful, he can avoid the streams of water and light every torch. Using Stasis on the floor switch nearby to lower one of the water streams makes it easier for Link to complete this trial.

Once the final puzzle is complete, a portcullis opens and Link finds Joloo Nah waiting for him in the final room. Joloo Nah rewards Link for his resourcefulness with a Spirit Orb and wishes Link well before fading away.[3][4]



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