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Main appearance(s)
The Wind Waker:
Abe (father)[2]
Rose (mother)[2]
Zill (brother)[3]
The Minish Cap:
Satchel (father)[2]
Zill (brother)[4]

Joel is a recurring character in the The Legend of Zelda series.[5]


The Wind Waker

Joel is the older brother of Zill and the son of Abe and Rose. He likes to jump a lot and admires Link for his jumping abilities. He waves around a stick, and at the start of the game he can be found on the rocks near the walkway between the two halves of Outset Island. Later in the game, if Link had given Rose more than one pet pig, her two sons will admit to having eating them, saying they were delicious. Rose tries to deny it, and hushes her sons hurriedly.

Joel (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
TWW Joel Figurine Model.png
Birthplace: Outset Island
Main Interest: Sticks

Joel's dream is to grow up as soon as he can so he can jump across boulders just like Link.

Both he and his younger brother, Zill, distinctly resemble their father.

The Minish Cap

Joel is a child that lives in Hyrule Town in The Minish Cap. He is first seen listening to Marshall's story during the Picori Festival, where he asks if he will see the Minish if he is on his best behavior.[6] After Link obtains the Kinstone Bag from the Hurdy-Gurdy Man, Joel can be seen playing with other children outside of Funday School. The children go back inside after Vaati impersonates King Daltus, but Funday School becomes available for Link to access after he sees the spirit of Gustaf at Lake Hylia.

Joel continues playing outside Funday School, where he mentions how food falls out of his mouth when he runs,[7] until after Link obtains the golden Kinstone Piece from Gustaf at the Royal Crypt, whereupon Joel falls asleep inside the classroom.[8]

After Link obtains the Wind Element, Joel moves to the second floor of the Happy Hearth Inn, where he explains that Funday School let the children out early;[9] he remains at the Inn for the remainder of the game.

Joel is one of the potential characters to have a random Kinstone Fusion available.


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