"...OWWWWWW! HEY! What are you DOING?! What's your problem? So I like getting dressed up like a mythical creature! I'm a human being, treat me like one! I'm not some freak you can throw stuff at! Don't just stand there staring at me! Apologize!"
— Joanne

Joanne is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. The younger sister of Jolene, she is found on Bannan Island. Just like her sister, Joanne likes to dress up and pretend to be someone else; in her case, she has fancied herself to be a mermaid. At one point in the game, a letter to Joanne from her sister accidentally ends up in the hands of Link. The hero can deliver it to receive a Wisdom Gem from Joanne.

Joanne is involved in a short side quest for the Fishing Rod. Before Link can talk to her, he must defeat all monsters near the pier and The Old Wayfarer's hut. Once he has done this, Link throws his Boomerang at Joanne when she surfaces near the island. She later realizes that the Old Wayfarer thinks that she is a real mermaid and tries to go find him, but ends up finding Linebeck instead. If Link tells the Old Wayfarer that he has seen the mermaid (Joanne), he will say that he thinks that she must have run off for another man, meaning Linebeck.

If Link talks to Linebeck, he will say that he did talk to Joanne, but she quickly swam off. When Link comes back to The Old Wayfarer's hut, Joanne has occupied the pool of water in his hut. The Old Wayfarer, as a reward, gives Link the Fishing Rod. This item can be used to complete Romantic Fishing, a side quest in which Link can obtain a Heart Container from Joanne.

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