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Jewel of Control
Jewel of Control (Hitch in the Works).png
Ganon holding the Jewel of Control
Other appearance(s)
Makes its wearer obey Ganon's orders[1]

The Jewel of Control is an item appearing in the "Hitch in the Works" episode of The Legend of Zelda TV series. It is made so that anyone who wears it obeys Ganon's orders, who plans to put this around Princess Zelda's neck so that she will marry him and make him ruler of Hyrule.[1]

When the Moblins bring Zelda to the Underworld, Ganon places the Jewel of Control around the princess and welcomes her as his future bride, which makes her agree immediately to marry him.[2] Link then eventually makes his way into Ganon's lair and interrupts the ceremony, only to discover that Zelda does not want to be rescued as she is still under the jewel's control.[3] After defeating the evil wizard, Link takes Zelda back up to the overworld where, upon noticing the Jewel of Control, she promptly takes it off.[4]



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