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Jerrin is a character in Breath of the Wild.[5]


Jerrin is a Hylian researcher who lives in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab with her husband, Robbie.[3] The focus of her research is Ancient Shrines.[6] She previously worked as a research assistant to Purah at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, but Impa had her sent to help Robbie instead.[2] After arriving at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, she began to carry the Blue Flame from Tumlea Heights, and she also reworked Robbie's design for the Ancient Oven.[7] Not long after, they ended up married.[8]

When the Ancient Oven's redesign was completed, Jerrin became jealous of Robbie's interactions with the machine, which Robbie referred to as "Cherry" after his first love.[9][10] Though she knew her feelings were illogical, she was in tears when she finally admitted them to Robbie.[11] The pair decided to restore Cherry's mechanical way of speaking,[12] and Robbie instead began to refer to it as the Ancient Oven.[13][14] Some time after this incident, Jerrin gave birth to her and Robbie's son, Granté.[15]

When Link first arrives at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, Jerrin will stand by as Robbie confronts him for trespassing.[16] Afterwards, if Link tries to talk to Jerrin, she calls him suspicious and refuses to speak with him unless he proves that he knows Robbie.[17] Due to trade secrets, she is wary of sharing information with Link.[18]

Once Link has confirmed his identity to Robbie, Jerrin will excitedly greet him with an imitation of Purah.[19] However, she becomes concerned that it was too much for their first meeting.[20] If Link agrees it was too much, Jerrin assures him that everything is fine.[21] Alternatively, if Link tells that it was not too much, Jerrin is relieved that he is so friendly.[22]

Jerrin then asks Link what he needs from her.[23] If Link asks who she is, she will properly introduce herself.[24] She explains that she is an amateur scholar with a focus on Ancient Shrines.[6] The topic reminds Jerrin that Link needs to go to the left eye of Skull Lake, as there is an Ancient Shrine there.[25] She informs Link that the left eye is higher up than the right eye, where Kilton sets up the Fang and Bone.[26] This initiates "The Skull's Eye" Shrine Quest.

After Link completes the Shrine Quest, Jerrin will be able to tell that he visited Skull Lake.[27] When Link is confused, Jerrin explains she has a magical Sheikah nose implant that enhances her sense of smell.[28] At Link's silence, however, she reveals that she is joking.[29] As Link appears to be humorless, she surmises that his visit to Zuna Kai Shrine did not go smoothly.[30] She thanks Link for his report, but since the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is short on funding, she is unable to give him a reward.[31]

Link can also ask Jerrin about Robbie, who she explains that he is a researcher of ancient civilizations who studied Guardians at Hyrule Castle 100 years ago.[32] She also reveals that she and Robbie are married.[3] This shocks Link, so Jerrin happily shares that they run the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and have a son together.[33]

After hearing about Granté, Link can ask Jerrin about him.[4] Jerrin asks Link if he has seen him during his travels.[34] If Link says that he has, Jerrin will be relieved.[35] She stills considers Granté to be a work in progress, and once he is done studying Armor, she hopes he will take over her own research.[36] If Link says that he has not, Jerrin asks him to be nice to him if they ever meet.[37] In subsequent conversations, if Link changes his answer about whether or not he has met Granté, Jerrin will notice the discrepency.[38][39]


Jerrin is named after the fruit, tangerine.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
United KingdomEnglishBRJerrin
JapanJapaneseジェリン (Jerin)
Latin AmericaSpanishLAKeline
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