"Hey...Why don't we forget about waiting for Evan to write a song and just write one ourselves?"
— Japas

Japas is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is a Zora residing in Zora Hall, who plays bass guitar for The Indigo-Go's. He is a laid back, relaxed fellow who is always up for a jam. Japas' long "hair" is most likely meant to give him the appearance of a grunge musician. Interestingly, the song that Japas plays on the bass guitar in his room is the Underworld music from The Legend of Zelda.


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Japas is on good terms with his bandmate Mikau and tries to help him in whatever ways he can. Unbeknownst to him, however, Mikau has died as a result of his failed attempt at retrieving Lulu's eggs, and Japas is actually aiding Link, who is using the Zora Mask, which contains Mikau's Spirit. Japas plays with the rest of The Indigo-Go's at the Carnival of Time during the end credits.

It is revealed in Mikau's diary that before his death, he co-composed a new song together with Japas; however, due to the strict limits that Evan, the bandleader, has imposed on creative input on the part of his band members, they have no hope of ever having it performed by The Indigo-Go's. If Link discovers this diary, learns the notes transcribed therein, and performs it together with Japas during a Jam Session, Link can play it for Evan, who takes the songwriting credits for himself; Link receives a Piece of Heart for his trouble (or 50 Rupees if he has received the Piece of Heart during a previous time loop). However, this can be done only when Link is not in Zora form, as playing it for Evan as Mikau will result only in him scolding Mikau and Japas for writing songs behind his back. Subsequently, Japas will remark how similar "Evan's new song" is to the song he wrote with Mikau.

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