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Main appearance(s)
Dmitri (father)[1]
Kaifa (older sister)[2]
Gleema (younger sister)[3]

Jana is a character in Breath of the Wild.[4]


Jana is a young woman who lives at South Akkala Stable in the Akkala Highlands. Upon first meeting Jana, she is a bit abrasive towards Link,[5] and asks him not to bother her as she is thinking about something.[6] However, if Link talks to her while he has Armoranth in his Inventory, she asks Link to give her some.[7] If he does, Jana thanks him and reveals that Armoranth is her favorite plant.[8] She then asks Link why he came to the Akkala Region as she believes Akkala is famous for nothing.[9] Link can ask about Hudson if he has started the "From the Ground Up" Side Quest. If Link responds that he is a traveler or that he is just wandering, Jana requests that Link talks to her little sister, Gleema, to figure out what Insect Gleema really wants to see so that Jana can get the Insect for Gleema's birthday,[10] initiating the "Little Sister's Big Request" Side Quest.

After beginning the Side Quest, Link can ask Jana questions about her sister, herself and the Stable. When asked about her sister, Jana mentions that Gleema is looking for Insects or that she is probably sleeping, if it is between 8PM and 8AM.[3][11] She then reminds Link to find out what Insect Gleema wants to see.[12][13][14] If Link asks Jana who she is, she states that she is the second eldest of her sisters and that she works on the flower patch while Kaifa, her big sister, takes care of the livestock.[2] Jana also says what Gleema is doing before noting that, except for one type of Insect, Jana has no problem with Insects if they aren't messing with her flowers.[3][11][15] If Link chooses to ask about where they are, Jana tells him it is the South Akkala Stable and mentions the view of Lake Akkala and the Akkala Sea on the east just past the farm.[16]


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JapanJapaneseジュン (Jun)
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