"Mornin', Link. How's life? Did you manage to get even a wink of sleep last night? Figured you might've been tossin' and turnin' all night thinkin' about the big ceremony today. What am I doin'? Oh, just fixin' this gate here... It's been squeaky lately, and we can't have that on the day of the ceremony!"
— Jakamar

Jakamar is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. A resident of Skyloft, he is the husband of Wryna, and the father of Kukiel. He is a skilled repairman whose job it is to maintain the many structures on the island. He is also described as a bit of a romantic, and his imaginative wife serves as a source of inspiration for his work, which he considers "art." He suffers from acrophobia and as a result does not venture up the Light Tower, even for repair work.


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At the beginning of the game, Jakamar is fixing the gate connecting the area containing the Knight Academy, Sparring Hall and the Statue of the Goddess's grove to the rest of Skyloft, preventing Link from traveling there. Later, the gate is fixed, and Jakamar may be found near the Light Tower for a while. At one point, his daughter Kukiel goes missing, and Link is tasked with finding her. He eventually finds her in the safe hands of Batreaux in a hidden house on the underside of the island, and returns to Jakamar and Wryna with the good news, earning him five Gratitude Crystals.

Later, Jakamar may be found on the eastern side of the island, near a broken windmill; Link has been told to use the island's two windmills in order to make the Light Tower show him where to go next. Jakamar informs Link that the propeller used to control the windmill fell down from the sky a long time ago. Link eventually tracks down the missing pinwheel, and Jakamar restores the windmill to full functionality.

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As many residents of Skyloft seem to be named after birds, it is possible that Jakamar is named after the jacamar.

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