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Jakamar is a character in Skyward Sword.[3]


Fi's Comment:
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Target lock: Jakamar
"This is Jakamar, Skyloft's resident middle-aged romantic repairman. He is tasked with maintaining the island's structures.

He considers himself an artist. His best work is said to be a scene showing off Skyloft's colorfully tiled houses."

Jakamar is a repairman who keeps many of the structures in Skyloft in shape. According to his wife, Wryna, he has a habit of roaming around town.[4] Together they have a daughter named Kukiel.

Before the Wing Ceremony, he can be found fixing the gate to the Skyloft Bazaar.[5] He reminds Link to save by sending his prayers to the Goddess by using Bird Statues.[6] He also tells Link that if he wins the Wing Ceremony, he will be promoted to senior class, and eventually become a Rescue Knight.[7] When asked if he has seen Link's missing Crimson Loftwing, he tells the young hero that he saw Groose's bird chasing it.[8] He also informs Link that Groose is likely in the center of Skyloft and asks the young hero to go around through the Knight Academy to get there, since he is still working on the gate.[9]

Later, after Kukiel goes missing, Jakamar sets out to look for her.[10] After Link finds her, Jakamar thanks the young hero before mentioning that he would like to visit the Lumpy Pumpkin if he did not have to fix Wryna's cupboard.[11]

Jakamar can later be found by the eastern windmill in Skyloft, commenting on its ability to catch the wind regardless of its direction.[12] He informs Link that it is missing its Propeller, and that it fell below the Cloud Barrier long ago,[13] but adds that he could repair it if he had the Propeller, despite it being lost beneath the clouds forever.[14] Jakamar then remembers Gondo's flying robot, claiming that it was said to haul junk from beneath the clouds before dismissing it.[15] If Link gets Scrapper to bring the Propeller from Eldin Volcano to him, he will be surprised that the stories of the robot were true and that it was able to return the lost Propeller.[16] However, he believes it is all just a clever prank, but proceeds to fix the windmill.[17] Once the windmill has been fixed, Link can use the Gust Bellows on it to make it and the other windmill face the Light Tower, which will release a beam that guides the young hero to Thunderhead once he plays his Harp on it.

Jakamar's house contains a workbench with tools and a toolbox on it. His bed is also built for three people, indicating that he, Wryna and Kukiel all sleep on it.


Jakamar's name is derived from the Jacamar bird. It is also possible that it is a play on "jackhammer", a construction tool.

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