"Yo, Link. Think you could find the time to check in on the kids once in a while for us? As for me, I'm gonna change my ways before those kids come home! Yup! I'm gonna start getting serious about my work!"
— Jaggle

Jaggle is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is around 30 years old, and lives in Ordon Village with his wife, Pergie, and his two sons, Malo and Talo. Jaggle helps out with farming in the village, but pursues a career as a woodworker. He is strong-headed, but a little laid-back, and often skips work to take naps.


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Jaggle plays a minor, yet important role in the early portion of Link's adventure. He teaches Link how to summon a hawk using Hawk Grass, which is needed to retrieve Uli's cradle from the mischievous Female Monkey causing trouble in Ordon Village. Also, after Link rescues Talo from the Bokoblins in Faron Woods, Jaggle scolds him and Malo for straying from the village, and they blame Colin for telling on them.

After the children of Ordon Village are kidnapped by King Bulblin's forces, Jaggle, like the rest of the village, sinks into a state of depression. On the night that Link enters the village in wolf form, to retrieve the Ordon Sword and Ordon Shield, Jaggle can be overheard talking with Mayor Bo about getting the children back.

Interestingly, Jaggle seems to care about how reckless Link is with Ordon Pumpkins, as when he throws one, Jaggle tells him to stop wasting food.

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