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Roperi (daughter)[1]
Roperi's Mother (wife)

Jacob is a character in the Oracle of Ages manga by Akira Himekawa


Prior the events of the manga, Jacob lived with his wife and young daughter, Roperi. When Queen Ambi began to construct the black tower, citizens of Labrynna where taken as slaves to build it, including Jacob.[1] Since then Roperi has worried about him.[2]

Jacob is first seen during a rebellion against building the tower.[3] Sir Raven, who has arrived to quell the violence, calls out to Jacob.[4] Raven says he told him to wait until the signal was given and asks if he is aware of how worried Roperi is.[5] Jacob apologizes and says they cannot stop it now.[6] Meanwhile at her home in the hidden village, Roperi hopes her father will come home in time to see her flower bloom.[7]

Jacob is last seen at the manga's end, reunited with his family after the defeat of Ganon.


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