"Shoot at targets while riding the raging river rapids! No extra charge for using bomb arrows!"
Lanayru Tourist Association letter

Iza's Rapid Ride is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Owned by Iza, its starting point is the Upper Zora's River area near the Boat Rental Cabin and the course ends at Lake Hylia. For the cost of 20 Rupees, Link can rent a boat and canoe his way down Zora's River. Link may play the mini-game after clearing the boulders that had disturbed the flow of Zora's River.

The objective of the mini-game is to follow Iza's Assistant and shoot the pots placed by Iza with the use of Bomb Arrows. Yellow pots are worth one point each and red pots are worth two points each, but Link will lose a point every time he collides with an obstacle. If he can manage to score twenty-five points by the time he reaches Lake Hylia, he is awarded with a universal set of Giant Bomb Bags by Iza's Assistant. On subsequent times he is awarded with a Purple Rupee instead. Note that the Giant Bomb Bag upgrade affects all of Link's current and future Bomb Bags.

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