Unofficial Name

"Well, I'm in her employ...part-time, for now. I'm sorry we've troubled you so."
— Iza's Assistant

Iza's Assistant is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She is a Zora employed by Iza at the Boat Rental Cabin in the Upper Zora's River, presumably for returning the boat upstream after rides. Link first encounters her when he is aiding Iza by removing the boulders disturbing the flow of the river in Iza's Rapid Ride, and thus preventing her from maintaining her business. When Link approaches the second boulder, Iza's Assistant emerges from under the water and asks Link to help her remove the obstruction. Link must then shoot the barrier with a Bomb Arrow, which effectively destroys the boulder. At this point the Zora begins swimming down the river, and Link paddles behind her. When the two reach Lake Hylia, Iza's Assistant gives Link a Bomb Bag for his deeds, and returns to the Boat Rental Cabin.

Iza's Assistant

When Link returns to the Boat Rental Cabin at a later time, Iza is back in business, and will rent a boat out to Link. While Iza herself stays back at the lodge, her assistant will swim in front of Link, while he paddles down the river. The shop now acts as a mini-game, however, and Link must avoid crashing into rocks while attempting to shoot pots placed by Iza. If he can manage to score 25 points by the end of the trial, Iza's Assistant will give Link a Giant Bomb Bag. She will then grab the boat and tug it back up the waterfall, and back to the Boat Rental Cabin.

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