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Iza (リズ Rizu?, Hylian IHylian ZHylian A) is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She is the the elder sister of Coro and Hena. She is also the owner of the Boat Rental Cabin in the Upper Zora's River area.

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Twilight Princess Artwork Iza (Concept Art)

Iza can be very bossy, according to both Coro and her Zora employee. Iza owns the Boat Rental Cabin on the banks of the Upper Zora's River in Lanayru Province, though when Link first meets her, the rental is closed since the river is blocked off by several large boulders. On a side note, she is also one of the few humans who is not afraid of Wolf Link (a trait she shares with her brother), threatening to turn him into a rug if he does not move along. Interestingly, Coro considers Iza to be much scarier than Wolf Link.

After Link restores light to Lanayru Province, he eventually returns to Upper Zora's River. When he does, three Shadow Beasts fall from the sky, and Iza, who stands nearby, is terrified at this. Link slays the Shadow Beasts and opens up a Twilight Portal, and Iza marvels at how Link kept his cool while fighting the monsters. She then asks Link to come with her to her Boat Rental Cabin, where she asks Link to take part in Iza's Rapid Ride to help her clear the river of boulders using Bomb Arrows she provides him. Iza promises that if Link successfully completes this task, she will let him keep the Bomb Bag she gives him.

Link can return to the boat rental shop afterward to rent a boat from Iza for twenty Rupees. Should he earn 25 points or more, he will win a Giant Bomb Bag as a reward.

If Link blows up the Jar hang in her shack with a Bomb Arrow, she will demand he pay 10 Rupees as compensation for breaking it.

There is a photograph of Iza with a Hyrule Bass in the cabin in the Fishing Hole. If Link looks at the picture, Hena asks if she is his "type", claiming Link to have weird taste in girls.

Twilight Princess Lanayru Tourist Association Hena, Coro, and Iza (Ending Cutscene)

Hena sitting together with her siblings at the end of Twilight Princess

She and her siblings are seen sitting on the dock in the Fishing Hole in the game's ending sequence.

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Iza's two siblings own birds (Coro owns Trill and Hena owns Purdy), so one might assume Iza owns Plumm. A relationship might be inferred by the fact that similar theme music plays in the Boat Rental Cabin and when Link is near Plumm.

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