"Yo, bud! You got a problem with us Killer Bees? Huh? Do you?"
— Ivan

Ivan is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He is a young boy who is the leader of the Killer Bees, a small group of kids that causes trouble for the schoolteacher Mrs. Marie on Windfall Island. Unbeknownst to Ivan, Jun-Roberto has secret plans to replace him as leader of the gang in the future.


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Ivan is the member of the Killer Bees who usually confronts passing people. After Link finds him in the Hide-and-Seek game, Ivan asks Link to apologize to Mrs. Marie for the unpleasant treatment she has received from the Killer Bees.

During the Hide-and-Seek game, Ivan is found atop the huge tree under which Maggie's Father or Mila's Father stands. Link must roll into the tree to force Ivan to jump off and run away.

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