"That marks the spot of an isle born of volcanic strife. It is the Isle of Ember. A fortune-teller named Astrid lives there, and she sees far, Link."

The Isle of Ember, also known as Ember Island, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It is an oval-shaped, volcanic island located in the Southwestern Sea of the World of the Ocean King. Scattered throughout the island are several houses, as well as the first dungeon, the Temple of Fire, which is located near the summit of the central volcano.


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After getting the first sea chart, Oshus tells Link to rub off a section of a paper, revealing the mark of the Spirit of Power. Oshus tells Link to travel to the Isle of Ember, and seek the aid of the fortune-teller Astrid in accessing the Temple of Fire. Once on the island, at the behest of the spirit of Astrid's deceased assistant Kayo, Link must complete a puzzle involving three torches in order to free Astrid from the room in which she has been locked.

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