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The Island Trading Sequence is a sequence of trading Decorations to Wandering Merchants for other Decorations in The Wind Waker.[name reference needed]


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Trading Decorations[]

This is a list of the Decorations the Wandering Merchants will trade with Link.

Name of Decoration Bomb Island Merchant Mother & Child Isles Merchant Greatfish Isle Merchant Rupees Required
Town Flower Sea Flower Sea Flower Sea Flower 0
Sea Flower Town Flower Town Flower Exotic Flower 20
Exotic Flower Sickle Moon Flag Pinwheel Sea Flower 25
Pinwheel Sickle Moon Flag Exotic Flower Exotic Flower 55
Sickle Moon Flag Fountain Idol Big Catch Flag Fountain Idol 40
Big Catch Flag Fountain Idol Sickle Moon Flag Fountain Idol 85
Fountain Idol Sickle Moon Flag Big Sale Flag Skull Tower Idol 60
Skull Tower Idol Fountain Idol Big Sale Flag Fountain Idol 60
Big Sale Flag Hero's Flag Big Catch Flag Hero's Flag 35
Hero's Flag Big Catch Flag Big Sale Flag Postman Statue 75
Postman Statue Fountain Idol Shop Guru Statue Fountain Idol 100
Shop Guru Statue Postman Statue Postman Statue Piece of Heart / Postman Statue 200

Event Procedure[]

The trading sequence is available at any time after the Delivery Bag has been received. Link's first Decoration is a Town Flower from Zunari on Windfall Island, gifted to the young hero in the hopes that by trading it, his shop will increase its products. Link can then trade this to the Wandering Merchants on the Mother & Child Isles, Greatfish Isle, and Bomb Island. After every trade, Link will lose his original Decoration and some Rupees in exchange for another Decoration. Because of the Merchant's Oath, the Wandering Merchants will send the Decoration they traded to Zunari's Shop. After Link retrieves all of the flower Decorations, Zunari will give Link the Magic Armor.[1] At the end of the sequence he can trade the Shop Guru Statue to the merchant of Greatfish Island to receive a Piece of Heart.

With the availability of the new products in Windfall Island, Link can decorate the entire island with them. If he does so, Sam, who is sitting on the bench near Lenzo's house, will reward him with a Piece of Heart for brining joy to the island.[2]


  • This trading sequence—possibly all the trading sequences of the series—may be inspired by the Japanese legend of the Straw Millionaire, a Buddhist folk tale about a peasant who became a millionaire through a series of successive trades.


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  1. "Yes, yes! Young master, look! Already, my shop has a wide variety of products to choose from! It is a cornucopia! Thanks to you, young master, every morning the postman comes with packages from the traveling salesmen you traded with. At last, my humble stall has the appearance of a full-fledged store! My dear! Your unflagging dedication has strengthened my determination to live my life for the success of my business! Master, you are the savior of my stall! I must thank you from the very bottom of my heart. This is my most prized possession—next to my hoodie coat, of course! It is none other than the Zunari family treasure... Please accept it!" — Zunari (The Wind Waker HD)
  2. "Wow! Windfall just seems to be filled with joy lately... Don't you think? Say, you've been cooperating with the volunteers, have you? You know what I'm talking about? Decorating the town? Oh, really? ...You have? Wow, it never fails to amaze me how kind and thoughtful folks can be. ...I know! I'll return your kindness with some of my own!" — Sam (The Wind Waker HD)