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The Island Trading Sequence is a sequence of trading certain decoration items to Wandering Merchants for other Decorations in The Wind Waker.


Trading Items

This is a list of the items the Wandering Merchants will offer Link for each Decoration.

Name of Item Bomb Island Merchant Mother & Child Merchant Greatfish Isle Merchant Rupees Required
Town Flower
Sea Flower Sea Flower Sea Flower
Sea Flower
Town Flower Town Flower Exotic Flower
Exotic Flower
Sickle Moon Flag Pinwheel Sea Flower
Sickle Moon Flag Exotic Flower Exotic Flower
Sickle Moon Flag
Fountain Idol Big Catch Flag Fountain Idol
Big Catch Flag
Fountain Idol Sickle Moon Flag Fountain Idol
Fountain Idol
Sickle Moon Flag Big Sale Flag Skull Tower Idol
Skull Tower Idol
Fountain Idol Big Sale Flag Fountain Idol
Big Sale Flag
Hero's Flag Big Catch Flag Hero's Flag
Hero's Flag
Big Catch Flag Big Sale Flag Postman Statue
Postman Statue
Fountain Idol Shop Guru Statue Fountain Idol
Shop Guru Statue
Postman Statue Postman Statue Piece of Heart / Postman Statue




Event Procedure

The trading sequence is available at any time after the Delivery Bag has been received. Link's first item is a Town Flower from Zunari on Windfall Island, gifted to the young hero in the hopes that by trading it, his shop will increase its products.

Link can then trade this to the Wandering Merchants on Mother & Child Isles, Greatfish Isle, and Bomb Island. After every trade, Link will lose his original item and some money in exchange for another trading item. Because of the Merchant's Oath, the Wandering Merchants will send the item they traded to Zunari's Shop. After Link retrieves all of the flower Decorations, Zunari will give Link the Magic Armor.[1] At the end of the sequence he can trade the Shop Guru Statue to the merchant of Greatfish Island to receive a Piece of Heart.

The fastest way to finish the trading sequence is:

  • Grab the Town Flower from Zunari.
  • Give the Town Flower to Greatfish Isle's Wandering Merchant for a Sea Flower.
  • Present the Sea Flower to Greatfish Isle's Wandering Merchant for an Exotic Flower.
  • Go to Mother & Child to talk to the Wandering Merchant and obtain the Pinwheel.
  • Warp to Bomb Island to trade the Pinwheel for a Sickle Moon Flag.
  • Back to Mother & Child Isles and exchange the flag for the Big Catch Flag.
  • Return to Greatfish Isle and trade the Big Catch Flag for a Fountain Idol.
  • Trade the Fountain Idol back to the merchant on Greatfish for the Skull Tower Idol.
  • Go to Mother & Child Island and trade for the Big Sale Flag.
  • Warp to Greatfish Isle for the Hero's Flag.
  • Trade the Hero's Flag back to the merchant on Greatfish for the Postman Statue.
  • Head to Mother & Child Isles for the Shop Guru Statue.
  • Go back to Greatfish Isle and exchange the Shop Guru Statue for a Piece of Heart.

After Link has obtained all three flowers at Zunari's shop, he can go back to Zunari to receive the Magic Armor as a reward.


With the availability of the new products in Windfall Island, Link can decorate the entire island with them. Once he does so, he speaks to Sam (who is sitting right from Lenzo's house) to receive another Piece of Heart.


  • This trading sequence—possibly all the trading sequences of the series—may inspired by the Japanese legend of the Straw Millionaire, a Buddhist folk tale about a peasant who became a millionaire through a series of successive trades.


  1. "Yes, yes! Young master, look! Already, my shop has a wide variety of products to choose from! It is a cornucopia! Thanks to you, young master, every morning the postman comes with packages from the traveling salesmen you traded with. At last, my humble stall has the appearance of a full-fledged store! My dear! Your unflagging dedication has strengthened my determination to live my life for the success of my business! Master, you are the savior of my stall! I must thank you from the very bottom of my heart. This is my most prized possession—next to my hoodie coat, of course! It is none other than the Zunari family treasure... Please accept it!" — Zunari (The Wind Waker)