Ishto Soh Shrine

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Ishto Soh Shrine
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The interior of Ishto Soh Shrine
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The Ishto Soh Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name Bravery's Grasp,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

Ishto Soh Shrine is located in Gerudo Highlands, west of Oseira Plains. Link must climb the western slopes of the plains and find the shrine within piles of bones and rotting trash.

Themes and Navigation

Ishto Soh Shrine features one chamber with a moving platform, a laser, a crystal and multiple movable columns. In order to complete the Trial, Link must use Stasis on the laser and knock it off of its pillar. Link must then place the laser on the moving platform such that the crystal will be hit consistently as the platform moves. Link can ride up a rudimentary escalator formed by the columns along the side of the room. At the top of the escalator, Link will meet Ishto Soh. Ishto Soh will give Link a Spirit Orb for completing the Trial,[2] and will wish Link well before fading away.[3]

A Treasure Chest along the north side of the wall contains an Ancient Core and a Treasure Chest behind the laser beam contains Topaz.



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