"The owner's name is actually an alias. Her real name is Jewel. It's a little too coincidental for a jeweler to be named Jewel, so she's embarrassed. I think it's a fine name, personally..."

Isha is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a Gerudo jeweler who lives in Gerudo Town in the Gerudo Desert region of Hyrule. Isha runs an accessory shop, however it will not open until after Link has completed the side quest "Tools of the Trade". The objective is to help Isha reopen her shop after running out of certain materials, such as Flint.

According to Cara, the name Isha is actually an alias and Isha's real name is actually Jewel, which is embarrassing for her in her occupation as a jeweler so she uses the name Isha instead, though Cara herself likes Isha's real name. Cara also reveals there is a rumor in Gerudo Town that Isha and Ashai were once involved in a love triangle. However, the two are both apparently now single, so it can be concluded that the triangle did not end well. There is also a rumor that Isha sleeps with nothing but her own accessories on. Cara also points out that although Isha claims she's not doing anything special with her looks, she actually visits the Hotel Oasis for a spa treatment once a week.

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