"This large iron sledgehammer was originally used for mining, but it works reasonably well as a weapon too."
Hyrule Compendium

The Iron Sledgehammer is an item in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. One can be found by Link in the Owa Daim Shrine. Its common locations according to the Hyrule Compendium are Akkala Highlands and Eldin Canyon, though they can be found in various places throughout Hyrule. Link can equip it and use it as a weapon.

During "Hylian Homeowner", Bolson Construction uses Iron Sledgehammers while demolishing an old house in Hateno Village. They can be purchased by Link, causing Bolson to end the demolition, leaving two Iron Sledgehammers sitting outside Link's House. They can also be found in Abandoned North Mine, Foothill Stable, Goron City, Lurelin Village, Southern Mine, Tanagar Canyon Course, Ulria Grotto, and below Zora's Domain. One spawns upon a ledge above the Owa Daim Shrine on the Great Plateau while another spawns within the shrine itself.

It has a base damage of 12 and base durability of 40, though these can be increased by certain weapon bonus. As it is a mining tool it can break Ore Deposits and Weak Walls with a single hit. They are also effective at damaging Talus weak points and can easily destroy all types of Pebblit. The Goron blacksmith Rohan forges Iron Sledgehammers for the Goron Group Mining Company and Link can find ones Rohan forged near his anvil. If Link picks up said hammer, Rohan allows Link to take it though notes he had messed up while forging it, however the hammers have base attack power and durability which is presumably a testament to Rohan's skill as he can still craft Iron Sledgehammer with base stats despite admittedly messing up while forging said hammer.

Modar has three lying around his campsite on the Tanagar Canyon Course which Link can utilize as makeshift golf clubs in the mini-game Boom Bam Golf, though he is permitted to use any weapon, however Iron Sledgehammers can hit the ball farther.

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